MRR 3-5-19
Registration checklist for High School Guest and Dual Enrollment Students
Students applying for the rst time must complete the following steps:
Academic Assessments
SC4 requires all new students to complete pre-registration assessments of their math, reading, and writing skills. The scores will be used
to ensure proper course placement. Call 810-989-5500 to schedule your assessments. Students also may submit ACT or SAT scores for
course placement, which may be available from your high school counseling office.
Academic Advising
SC4 requires all first-time high school guest and dual enrollment students to meet with an advisor. The advising appointment helps
students plan for classes for the first semester and obtain information regarding degrees/certificates. Call 810-989-5500 to schedule an
Activate your SC4 Portal
The SC4 Portal is a critical piece of your college experience. From within your portal, you can check your student email, register for
classes, and more. Your SC4 acceptance letter provides you with username and password detail; use this information to activate your
portal account. Contact the One-stop Student Service Center at 810-989-5500 with questions.
Register and Pay for Classes
Once you have completed the above enrollment steps, you may register and pay for any remaining tuition balance, if applicable, either
online at or in the One-stop Student Service Center, first floor, SC4 Welcome Center. Some college courses may cost
more than the tuition cap indicated by your high school. Be sure to pay any remaining tuition balance to ensure your seat in class.
Get photo taken for Skippers OneCard
Visit second floor, SC4 Welcome Center, to get your student ID photo taken. You must provide photo ID (valid driver license, state ID
or passport) to verify identity.
Buy textbooks
Books may be bought at the College Bookstore on the Port Huron campus or ordered online at
Call 810-989-5725 to find out when books will be available for purchase and for store hours.
AASAC Accounting
AASGB Business, General
AASIS Computer Information Systems
AASCN Computer Information Systems – Networking
AASPR Computer Information Systems – Programming
AASWD Computer Information Systems – Web Development
AASCG Criminal Justice – Generalist
AASER Engineering Technology – Electronics
AASEG Engineering Technology – Engineering Graphics/CAD
AASEM Engineering Technology – Mechatronics
AASEP Engineering Technology – Precision Machining
AASEW Engineering Technology – Welding and Fabricating
AASGD Graphic Design
AASMN Management – Business
AASMK Marketing
AASTM Therapeutic Massage
Associate degree programs
(AAS - Applied Arts & Science Occupational)
Transfer associate degree programs
Associate in Liberal Arts – AATLA
Criminal Justice
Fine Arts
Graphic Design
Political Science
Pre-Social Work
Associate in General Education – AGEGE
Associate in Business – ABTGB
General Business
Associate in Science – ASTSC
Agricultural Science
Physical Science
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Certicate programs
CERGB Business, General
CERAP Computer Information Systems
Applications for Business
CERTE Engineering Technology
CERMN Management,ProfessionalCertication
CERMK Marketing
CERPM Paramedic
Allied health programs
(Certicate programs)
AGEGE Medical Assisting
AGEGE Nursing, Practical
(Associate degree programs)
AGEGE Health Information Technology
AGEGE Magnetic Resonance Imaging
AGEGE Nursing – Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)
AGEGE Radiologic Technology
Note: These programs require a secondary application
and admittance to the program.
Programs of Study (ve-letter program codes)
Please select a program code that closely matches your potential eld of study
(you may change your program at a later date)
Category Minimum number Approximate time frame Description
of credits (attending full time)
SkillSets* 16 1semester Programsdesignedasbuildingblockstocerticateprograms
Certicate* 30 1year Programsdesignedtopreparestudentsforentry-levelcareers
Associatedegrees(AAS–AppliedArts&Science) 62 2years Programsdesignedtopreparestudentsforemploymentinaspeciccareereld
Transfer associate degree programs 62 2 years Programs designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or university
Skill Sets
SSCJC Criminal Justice – Corrections
SSCJG Criminal Justice – Generalist
SSHLS Criminal Justice – Homeland Security
SSCJL Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement
SSMKI Internet Marketing
SSMKS Professional Sales
* TheU.S.DepartmentofEducationrequiresinstitutionswhoparticipateinnancialassistanceprogramstodiscloseinformationregardinggainfulemploymenttoprospectivestudentswhomaypursuecertain
— Keep this page for reference —
Not required for Summer and Fall 2020
Not required for Summer and Fall 2020
Early admission and dual enrollment authorization form
This form must be completed and submitted each semester of attendance as an early admit or dual enrollment student. (Exceptions are made for
middle/early college programs and certain school-specific courses; contact the administrators of those programs for more information.) Once
completed, please submit this form to the high school or early/middle college counselor/administrator. If the student/parent/guardian is
assuming responsibility for payment and no high school credit will be awarded, please complete this form and submit it directly to SC4.
____________________________________ Select ONE semester: Fall 20___ Winter 20___ Summer 20 ___
Name of high school
____________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________
Student last name Student first name Student date of birth
____________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________
Student email address Student phone number Name of program of study
Intended course(s) of enrollment (not required if student/parent/guardian is covering cost and no high school credit is awarded)
Filling in course detail directly below does not automatically enroll a student for course(s). Students must register by completing the registration
form below, online via their SC4 Portal, or in the One-stop Student Service Center (first floor, SC4 Welcome Center on the Port Huron campus).
Course will be
used to fulfill high
school graduation
Department and
course number
Couse will be paid for
through dual enrollment
_x_Yes __No
SC4 101
__x_Yes ____No
__Yes __No
___Yes ____No
__Yes __No
___Yes ____No
__Yes __No
___Yes ____No
__Yes __No
___Yes ____No
Approved for dual enrollment. This form must be signed by the high school principal to approve participation in dual enrollment at SC4. In
addition, the high school principal must initial the box above indicating the school’s payment responsibility and payment cap that may be
______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________
Principals signature Date
Registration form
Course number
Section number
Example SC4
Example 101
Example 01
Approval (required):
I have reviewed this authorization form and approve the above-named student’s enrollment at St. Clair County Community College. I understand that I am responsible for all tuition,
books/supplies, and fees the school district does not pay; this includes the non-refundable student fee for dropped courses.
I accept responsibility for the selection of course(s) above, including prerequisites. I am responsible for all adjustments to my schedule by the appropriate deadline.
I understand that it is my responsibility to drop my course(s) should I decide to not participate as a High School Guest or Dual Enrolled student, or if I move away from the school district that
originally agreed to pay my tuition.
I understand that dropping a course(s) with a W’ may impact my eligibility for financial aid in future semesters. I accept responsibility for contacting the Financial Aid office at 810-989-5530
with questions concerning how a ‘W’ may affect any future award amounts.
I accept that it is my responsibility to confirm my status as enrolled, waitlisted, or ineligible for a class based on the information I provided above. I understand that I can access my class
schedule through my SC4 Portal or by visiting the One-stop Student Service Center (first floor, SC4 Welcome Center).
I understand that my high school may hold me responsible for reimbursement of tuition and fees should I fail a course(s) for which the school district paid.
I understand that the official policies and procedures of SC4 are published in the College Catalog at
I authorize St. Clair County Community College to release information concerning my academic progress and grades to my high school. If I wish for my parent/legal guardian to have access or
ability to do business on my behalf, I will complete the Authorization to Disclose Non-Directory Info and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________
Student signature Date
____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________
Parent/Legal Guardian (if student is younger than 18) Date