Registration Form
President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard® Pre-Authorized
Debit (PAD) Payment Service Agreement (Personal)
. Please complete all sections in order to instruct your financial institution to
make payments to your PC MasterCard directly from your bank account.
. Please read the Authorization terms below, complete and sign this form,
and return it to us by mail, email, or fax to:
P.O. Box 
Station A
Toronto, Ontario
MW Y
Email: documents
Fax:    
. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service line
at     (the number on the back of your credit card)
 hours a day,  days a week.
This Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Service Agreement (Personal)
will take effect on your next payment due date provided that we receive
the completed and signed form at least  business days before the next
payment due date.
To change any of your bank account information, you must complete
and resubmit a new Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Service
Agreement (Personal) form in accordance with the terms set forth.
You have certain recourse rights if any debit transaction does not comply
with this Authorization. For example, you have the right to receive
reimbursement for any debit transaction that is not authorized or is not
consistent with this Authorization. To obtain more information on your
recourse rights, please contact your financial institution or visit
You may cancel your Authorization of the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)
Payment Service Agreement (Personal) at any time subject to providing
us with  days’ prior notice from the next payment due date. You must
provide us this notice in writing by completing the PAD Cancellation
form. To obtain a copy of the PAD Cancellation form, please visit our
website at, and for more information on your rights
to cancel the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Service, please
contact your financial institution or visit
Please indicate the following by checking the appropriate box:
New PAD Request
Update Pre-existing PAD
1. President’s Choice Financial MasterCard Primary Cardholder Information (please print clearly)
First Name:
Initial: Last Name:
President’s Choice Financial MasterCard Card Number:
Street Number: Street Name:
Unit Number: Rural Route (R.R.) Number: Post Office Box:
City/Town: Province: Postal Code:
Home Telephone Number: ( ) - Business Telephone Number: ( ) - Ext.
2. Primary Cardholders Bank Account Information (please print clearly)
Transit #:
Bank ID:
Bank Account Number:
Chequing Savings
Financial Institution: Name: Branch Address:
3. Timing and Amount
You authorize us to process pre-authorized debits against the bank account from the
financial institution identified above each month as indicated on your monthly statement.
The payment option you choose below will be withdrawn on the due date indicated on
your monthly statement, less any amounts paid by you before the payment due date.
Please check one of the following payment options:
Minimum Payment Due
Full Statement Balance
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Where to find this information
Registration Form
President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard® Pre-Authorized
Debit (PAD) Payment Service Agreement (Personal)
4. Authorization to Debit Bank Account
In this Authorization form, “we,” “us,” and “our” mean President’s Choice Bank (as issuer of President’s Choice Financial MasterCard) and “you” and
“your” mean each holder of the bank account indicated on this form and the primary account holder of the President’s Choice Financial MasterCard,
as applicable. By signing below, you authorize us to debit your bank account for the purpose of paying your President’s Choice Financial MasterCard
account identified above. You warrant and guarantee that you have provided us with all relevant information in respect of your bank account and that
all persons required to sign on behalf of the bank account have signed this Authorization. You agree to waive the 10-day pre-notification
requirement for pre-authorized debits and for changes to the amount or payment date of those debits, as set out in the
rules of the Canadian Payments Association.
You understand that this Authorization applies only to the method of payment under your President’s Choice Financial MasterCard account and does
not otherwise affect your obligations to us. Cancellation of this Authorization does not relieve you of any obligation that you have to President’s
Choice Bank for your President’s Choice Financial MasterCard. This includes any obligation to pay all amounts owing to us by a method of payment
that is satisfactory to us. This Authorization will terminate if any two consecutive pre-authorized debit payments are returned
to us as dishonoured payments and you agree to pay us any applicable fees. It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds
are available in your bank account for any payment. Please note: Your payment will be applied to your account on the due date; however, it may not
be reflected in your available credit until the payment has cleared your bank account. The payment will clear in seven business days.
Signature of Bank Account Holder (Primary cardholder) Signature of Joint Bank Account Holder (if applicable)
Name (please print) Name (please print)
Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
If you would like an email to confirm that we have received and actioned this form, please provide the email address
of the primary cardholder here:
Check here if you would like us to update your account with this email address. You may receive commercial electronic
messages such as email from President’s Choice Bank. You may later unsubscribe. You may contact President’s Choice
Bank at P.O. Box 4403, Station A, Toronto, ON, M5W 5Y4, or at
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