Registration Concession Application
- Pensioners, Seniors and Prescribed Service Persons
- Special Interest Vehicles
Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995
Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994
Section B - Special Interest Vehicle Concession
Applicant’s name (please print)
Make and type of vehicle/recreational ship (e.g. Ford sedan)
Section A -
Pensioners, Seniors and Prescribed Service Persons
Section B - Special Interest Vehicle
This application is for several types of concessions. Please only
complete the section that is relevant to the type of concession
that you are eligible for. The list of Concession Conditions is
Your Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer
Reference Number (CRN). The CRN is your Queensland
(Qld) Driver Licence number, Adult Proof of Age or Photo
Identication Card number or your reference number issued by
the department.
Registration number (if allocated)
Pensioner Concession Card (Qld issued)
Seniors Card number (Qld issued)
DVA letter reference number
Name of spouse
3. Do you or your spouse receive a registration
concession on any other vehicle/recreational ship?
Section A - Pensioners, Seniors and Prescribed
Service Persons Concession
Please enter one of the following:
1. Applicant details
I have a vehicle that is one of the following: (tick a box)
I hereby provide the following documents:
At least 30 years old (includes tractors)
Historic bus at least 25 years old
Historic ambulance or re-ghting equipment vehicle (no
age limit)
Street Rod (Hot Rod) vehicle with an original body and
frame built before 1949, or a replica that has been modied
for safe road use and is tted with a modication plate (code
LH9 or LH10).
Quote the plate number in the registration number box
located in Question 2.
A Special Interest Vehicle plate will be issued unless
you wish to attach personalised plates or customised
green on white plates.
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Date of issue
/ /
What is the registration number of that vehicle/
recreational ship
Go to Certication
Evidence of current club membership with a Qld
incorporated vehicle club (if applicable)
Certicate of Incorporation as an historical society with a
recognised interest in vehicle heritage (if applicable)
Certication from a dating ocer of the vehicle’s
authenticity and year of manufacture (if applicable).
For specic information about the eligibility requirements
applicable to you, refer to the Special Interest Vehicle (SIV)
Scheme Guide located at
Note: Conditions of a vehicle’s use registered under the SIV scheme are
listed overleaf.
Note: Please complete form F2964 Remove and/or Attach
Personalised/Customised Number Plate/s Application.
5. Are there standard green on white, Historic or
Special Interest Vehicle plates attached to the
Personalised/customised green on white number plate
(if applicable)
2. Vehicle details
Go to 4
It is an oence to give false or misleading information under the
Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act. Maximum
penalty may exceed $7000.
Email address
Mobile/Telephone number
Note: Applications made by post or email must include a copy of the
front and back of the concession card or supporting letter.
4. Do you authorise the department to remove this
concession if applicable?
Note: The concession on that vehicle/ship may need to be
withdrawn before this application can proceed. Concession is
allowable on one vehicle and ship at any one time.
This application cannot be processed.
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Registration Concession Application - Pensioners/Seniors/Prescribed Service Persons; - Special Interest Vehicles ...
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Section B - Special Interest Vehicle Concession
6. Certication
I agree to inform the department of any change which may
aect my eligibility to retain the concession. I hereby certify that
the statement above is true and correct and I agree to use the
vehicle in accordance with the conditions of the concession. I
understand that if a vehicle on concession is operated outside
the conditions of the concession, a penalty infringement notice
may be issued or I may be prosecuted by a court. I consent to
the department verifying the evidence of identity information
provided with the relevant issuing authority or other agencies.
Registered operator signature/s
/ /
Applicants must be residents of Qld and holders of:
Pensioner Concession Card (Qld issued)
Seniors Card (Qld issued)
DVA letter (containing a Qld issued Ref. No.) stating that the
is at least 70% incapacitated under the Veterans
Entitlement Act 1986
has been assessed as at least 50 impairment points under
the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004.
Applications may be lodged at a customer service centre
or, if you live in a rural area, a Queensland Government
Agency Program oce or a local police station that provides
vehicle registration services. Alternatively, applications can be
submitted by mail:
PO Box 2211
or email:
Note: Applications must include a copy of the front and back of the
concession card or supporting letter, refer above.
The concession only applies to motor vehicles not over 4.5
tonnes GVM, motorbikes, motorised caravans (no GVM limit)
with a ‘private’ purpose of use and recreational ships.
The concession document must be in the same name as the
registered operator of the vehicle or recreational ship and
must be mainly for the applicant’s own private use.
An eligible person may only receive one concession for their
vehicle and one for their ship at any one time.
Only one concession per couple will apply.
Concession Conditions
Section A - Pensioner, Seniors and Prescribed Service
Persons Concession
Concession Card sighted:
Physical card
Digital wallet
Concession code
Special Interest Vehicle requirements met:
Authorising person’s
Authorising person’s
/ /
Agency use only
If a vehicle or ship is registered in joint names the following
conditions apply:
For a married couple or defacto, where both are
eligible for a concession, either person may submit an
application. If only one person is eligible, the application
must be made by that person.
For other relationships, both persons must be eligible
for a concession and each must submit an application.
Sole parent concession card holders can only have
concessional registration if they are the sole registered
Pension card holders will need to provide proof of their
eligibility for concessional registration if they need to move the
concession to another vehicle. All other concession types will
only need to complete a Registration Concession Application
to withdraw and apply the concession to their new vehicle.
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Conditions of use for vehicles
The SIV Guide sets out the requirements for registering vehicles
under the scheme and explains the conditions under which the
scheme operates. Registered operators must meet the specic
requirements in the guide to be eligible for the concession.
The registered operator must then continue to comply with the
conditions when using their vehicle. These conditions are:
Club membership: Evidence of current membership with a
Qld incorporated vehicle club or association must be provided
on club letterhead or ocial club documentation at the time
of application for a concession. It must be signed by a club
ocial and include vehicle’s details. Where a genuine reason is
provided for not meeting this condition, it may be waived by the
Historic Dating and Vehicle Certicate (if applicable): A
dating certicate is only required if the date of manufacture
cannot be veried by the department. If a dating certicate
is required, a club ocial must certify that the vehicle is
authentic and was manufactured at least 30 years ago. This
certicate, which must be on club letterhead or other ocial club
documentation, will need to be presented when applying for a
registration concession.
Lighting: If the vehicle does not have permanent lighting,
then the registered operator must carry a removable lighting
system with the vehicle at all times and use that system
whenever lighting would normally be required. Carbide lights are
acceptable where that type of light was originally tted.
Use of vehicles registered with a Special Interest Vehicle
Concession is restricted to the following:
Participating in rallies or events (including impromptu events)
as organised or authorised by an incorporated vehicle club or
sanctioned by the Australia Street Rod Federation.
Note: All rallies and events must be listed in the incorporated club
newsletter or on their website or social media page
Participating in processions for which a Special Event Permit
has been issued under the Transport Operations (Road Use
Management - Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation
Exhibiting the vehicle in displays, fetes or similar functions
conducted for religious, charitable or educational purposes.
Use for ceremonial purposes (such as, weddings, formals,
funerals) involving immediate family members or as part of
a sanctioned club event, provided this is not done for fee
or reward. Immediate and de facto family means parents,
grandparents, sons, daughters, grandchildren, adopted
children and adopted grandchildren but not extended family
relationships such as aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.
Preparing for, proceeding to, and returning from the above
Registration Concession Application - Pensioners/Seniors/Prescribed Service Persons; - Special Interest Vehicles ...
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Privacy Statement: The department is collecting the information on this form
for the purpose of maintaining the department’s vehicle registration register
as required under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act.
The department or its agents/contractors may use your information in its
communications with you and where relevant, may give some of the information
to vehicle insurers, statutory entities, insolvency entities, lawyers, persons
involved in vehicle incidents/accidents, vehicle manufacturers, third parties
who are involved in or intend to commence legal proceedings, tolling entities,
law enforcement agencies and interstate registering authorities. Your personal
information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, unless
authorised or required to do so by law.
Direct travel to and from an Approved Inspection Station for
the purposes of obtaining a safety certicate before the vehicle
is for sale.
Travel in order to have the vehicle repaired. There is no
distance restriction in these circumstances however such
travel must be reasonable and justied by the vehicle owner.
Heavy vehicles are permitted to carry a load provided the
loaded GVM or GCM does not exceed 50% of the maximum
permitted mass for the vehicle conguration. This mass is
determined based on the lesser of the following:
individual axle ratings
tyre manufacturer’s limits
manufacturer’s GVM or GCM
regulation mass limits.
The load must be in relation to or part of the reason for, the
vehicle’s use under the scheme and must not be done for any
fee or reward.
Buses are permitted to carry non-paying passengers for
journeys (joy rides) from an event (e.g. at a fete) and return
provided the length of the journey does not exceed ve
kilometres. Payment of any kind cannot be made for these
Road testing within a 15 kilometre radius from the place where
the vehicle is garaged or is being repaired. The purpose of
the travel must be to road test the vehicle following repair or
restoration or for general vehicle maintenance and not for any
other purpose.