Special/Visiting Student Prerequisite Approval Form
Registrar Fax # 252‐233‐6895 or email srmoss69@lenoircc.edu
Who needs to complete this form?
Special/visiting students who provide unofficial transcripts from college where
prerequisite was completed.
Students who are currently enrolled in a prerequisite course at another institution (send
copy of schedule). Make sure College name or web address with student name is visible.
Yes, please register me for the following course(s) now.
No, please do not register me at this time.
What course(s) are you requesting to take at Lenoir Community College (you only have to list
courses with prerequisites)? Please list course prefixes and numbers below:
Where were your pre-requisites completed? These prerequisites must be supported by submission of
unofficial transcripts or a current schedule. *Please submit your transcripts or schedule with this form.
* (Students who submit a current schedule with this form are also required to submit an unofficial
transcript upon completion of the prerequisite course but before the LCC course begins.)
Student signature (Required): Date:
Office Use Only: Date XPOV created: Initials:
(ex: NCSU)
Course Name
(ex: English Composition 1)
Course Number
(ex: ENG 1110)
Grade Earned
(ex: A)
Course Prefix (ex: ENG) Course Number (ex: 111) Section (ex) IN)
Name: LCC Student ID (if known):
DOB: Phone:
Term in which you plan to register (ex: Fall 2011):
You will be notified via email when your pre-requisite approval request has been processed. Please allow up to
four business days for your request to be processed.
I understand by completing this form and submitting transcripts or current schedule that I am not guaranteed the
class in which I wish to enroll will be available. I also understand that it is my sole responsibility to verify with
my home institution (or any other receiving college or university to which I plan to transfer Lenoir Community
College credit) whether or not the courses I complete at Lenoir Community College will transfer and meet
requirements at the receiving institution. Additionally, I understand that if I provide a current schedule as proof
of prerequisites, it is my responsibility to provide unofficial transcripts by the start of the course at LCC
verifying that I successfully completed the prerequisite course at my home institution.
If you have read and understand the statement above, please enter your name below as you would sign an official signature*