Michigan Department of State
Registering Your Moped
Mopeds and motorcycles are registered differently under Michigan law. Some
retailers may sell what appears to be a moped, but is actually a motorcycle.
Michigan law (section 257.32b) defines a moped as a unit that meets all of the
The engine does not exceed 100 cc’s piston displacement,
The power drive system does not require the operator to shift gears, and
The top speed is 30 miles per hour or less on a level surface.
If a unit exceeds any of these criteria it is classified as a motorcycle. Motorcycles
for on-road use must be sold by a licensed dealership and be titled and registered.
Operation of a motorcycle requires insurance, a motorcycle endorsement, and
helmet use under certain conditions.
quipment: The Michigan Vehicle Code requires all mopeds to have:
A headlight mounted 24 inches to 54 inches from ground height (required
by Section 257.685) powerful enough to illuminate objects at least 100 feet
ahead (required by Section 257.702).
Brakes on both wheels as required by Section 257.705(1)(b).
A horn audible from at least 200 feet away as required in Section 257.706.
A tail light as required in Section 257.686.
A brake light as required in Sections 257.697 and 697b.
A muffler as provided in Section 257.707 (not required for electric powered mopeds).
A rear view mirror as required in Section 257.708.
A permanently mounted seat as required in Section 257.658(1).
Handlebars no higher than 15” from the lowest point of the seat to the
highest point of the hand grips (Section 257.661a).
Moped Certification
I certify I wish to register the unit described below as a moped and that it meets
the Michigan definition of a moped. I also certify the unit has all of the on-road
equipment listed above required for legal operation on public roads.
Year Make VIN
Owner’s Printed Name Owner’s Signature
SOS-430 (01/13)
Clear Form