Refund Policy and Procedures
Office of Enrollment Services
Students are eligible for refunds for the following:
Overpayment of Tuition Fees
Credit on Account
Tuition Deposits (note Tuition deposits are only refundable for visa denials. A non-
refundable fee of $316 will be withheld)
Payments through cash, cheque or money order:
Refunds will normally be issued by cheque directly to the student.
Exceptions may be made with the written authorization of the student, or in
the case of where a business/employer has a direct billing arrangement with
the university.
A student may request a refund to be issued to a third party providing there is
evidence that the original payment was made by that party. (eg a cheque in
another person's name, a wire transfer from another party, or if payment by the
third party was witnessed.) We will as a practice make a note of a third party
payment on our documentation.
*Students will indicate any special instructions on the Vancouver refund form.
Payment by Credit Card
All refunds for payments made by credit card will be refunded directly
back to the credit card from which the payment was made
Delivery Method
Refunds by Cheque will be sent via courier unless otherwise specified by the student.
Students will be responsible for any special delivery arrangements (eg courier and any
special delivery charges will be deducted from the refunded amount). The request for
special arrangements must be done at the time the refund request is made. Once a
cheque is issued, the amount cannot be adjusted.
It will normally take between 5 and 8 weeks from the time the completed refund form is
received by the Enrollment Services Office in Vancouver to process the refund. If the form
is not complete, the process will take longer.
Payment by Wire Transfers
Refunds for payments made by wire transfers will normally be refunded by wire
transfer to the same account from which it was originated.
Flywire (Peertransfer)
All payments made through Flywire will be refunded through Flywire
Processing Time
Application for
Fairleigh Dickinson University–Vancouver Campus
Enrollment Services
The original signed form must be submitted along with a photocopy of a passport or other ID. In the case of a visa
rejection, the original letter from Canada Immigration must be attached to this form.
This form, with the exception of the signature, must be filled out electronically.
Last Name: First Name:
FDU Student ID Number:
Date of Birth:
(Month) (Day) (Year)
Residential Address: Street Name & Number:
City: ____________________________ Province/State: ____________________________
Postal Code/Zip: ___________________ Country: __________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________
Intended or Entry Date to FDU: Year:
Reason for Refund:
Reason for withdrawal: (Active students only)
Decided to attend other school
Refund Options:
By Cheque:
Option Required if refund amount was initially paid by credit card.
Option Required if refund amount was initially paid through Flywire.
Cheques are made payable to the student unless initial payment was made by a third party.
By cheque to student
By cheque to third party
Third Party Name:
Street Name & Number:
Postal Code/Zip: Country:
Wire Transfer Instructions (All fields required)
. Must match the bank from which the transfer was originally made.
Beneficiary Account Name:
Beneficiary Account Number:
Beneficiary Party Street Address:
Foreign Bank Name:
Foreign Bank Address:
Foreign Bank Swift Code:
Visa rejection (attach official letter)
By Flywire
By Credit Card:
Choose Semester
Amount: _______________
Non-refundable deposit: _______________
Penalty Amount: _______________
Total Refund:
Refunds will not be made until all payments have been cleared through the financial institution. Generally, refund
payments will not be processed until after the commencement of the intended semester of enrolment.
Delivery Instructions
Regular Post Courier ($50 will be deducted from refund) Pick-up Other:
I certify the above information provided is true and accurate. I understand that any incomplete or inaccurate information
will delay the processing of this application and may require its return.
Student’s Signature:
(Student’s O
fficial Signature) Date
Signature of Parent
/Guardian (if under 19):
Payment Received
Enrolment Services
Financial Aid:
Send refund cheque to:
Student Datatel Address FDU Vancouver As per instructions/Address above
Fax to Enrolment Services: #8604
Refund Issuance:
Date Issu
ed/Mailed/Couriered: _________________________________
Person receiving refund: _______________________________ _______________________________________
(Printed) (Signature)
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