Affidavit Form for purchase of vehicle without title
in state of Iowa pursuant to IAC 321.52.2.b
by Licensed Auto Recycler only. Effective January 1, 2016.
Vehicle Purchase by Affidavit Form
Automotive Recycler INFORMATION
Iowa Automotive Recycler Name
Street address, City, ST, ZIP
Iowa DOT Recycler Number
Phone number
Email address
Vehicle Verification
Iowa Administrative Code 321.52 (2) (b) allows for the purchase of a vehicle without a title by a licensed automotive
recycler if the vehicle is 12 years or older and has a value of less than $1,000 AND the Recycler has performed verification
that the vehicle is not stolen nor held as collateral by lien. The seller must swear by affidavit under penalty of perjury they are
the rightful owner therefore have the authority to sell the vehicle.
Vehicle was verified through NMVTIS: Vehicle is not stolen; vehicle has not been reported as crushed.
Vehicle has no lien recorded as verified by Iowa lien check system.
Make Model Year of Vehicle
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
Seller Affidavit of Ownership
Name (Last, first, middle initial)
Driver’s License Number
Street address, City, ST, ZIP Code
State of Issuance of DL
Primary phone number | Other phone number
Email address
Under penalty of perjury, I swear by affidavit that I have the legal right to sell this vehicle and that no other party has an
interest against the vehicle.
Signature of Seller
Revised 01-06-2016 v3
Attach and copy the Seller’s state issued
driver license or identification card here.
Electronic Lien Checking
(using Iowa DOT ARTS System)
On the DOT website main page under DRIVERS / VEHICLES Click TELL ME MORE then
AUTO DEALERS or follow link
Select Registration fee calculators (this will put you in ARTS system)
Select TOOLs tab
Select DEALER INQUIRY from drop down box
Enter in the VIN and click “search”
In the second box of titling information it will indicate
If no, then no lien exists. If Yes, then more information may be accessed via logging
into the ARTS system with your username and password.
o If you are NOT already registered; to get a password go to
access FORMS tab and download form #431069 “Privacy Act Agreement
Request of Motor Vehicle Records” send completed form to DOT for assignment
of username and password.
If more information is needed then LOGOUT of the public access [LOGOUT at top of
page and answer YES to “Are you sure you want to logout?”]
Type in USERNAME and PASSWORD and press LOGIN: It should welcome you with your
Repeat TOOLS; DEALER INQUIRY and a new option will appear as
Enter in the VIN and click “search”
This time the titling information will be more extensive in the second box down and
there will now be a fifth box that will give “Customers” information including the lien
holder of the title.