Applicant’s Name (please print):
Phone: Email:
Recreational Vehicle Location (Site Address):
Zoning District of Site (East or West Zone): ____________________
Type of RV: Camper Motor Home Trailer (enclosed, travel or utility) Other
PARKING LOCATION: Driveway Rear yard (concrete paving/screened from neighbors)
RV Length: _________ RV Height: _________ RV Width: __________
Registration Date: _________________ Removal Date (3 days from date of Registration): _________________
Applicant Signature Town Staff Approval
4501 N Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-By-The- Sea, FL 33308
Ph (954) 640-4210 Fax (954) 634-4654
General Regulations:
Registered recreational vehicles must comply with the following:
East Zone (includes all property east of the western property line of those properties abutting State Road A1A to the west.)
1. At all times, the vehicle must fit within the single parking space within which it is parked unless it is parked in a private parking lot obscured
from view from the street and neighboring properties.
2. The vehicle cannot protrude into a side or rear setback, sidewalk or right-of-way.
3. The vehicle must be parked on concrete, asphalt, or some other type of impervious ground cover as approved by the Town and may not be
parked, stored, or maintained on the grass.
4. No recreational vehicle trailer shall be parked, stored or maintained so as to be visible from Bougainvilla Drive and on any portion of the
public or private beaches.
West Zone (shall be from the western property line of those properties abutting State Road A1A to the west extending to the western boundary of the
1. A recreational vehicle or trailer may be parked overnight for no more than three consecutive days, twice in any calendar month, and then
only when the vehicle is registered with the Town and the property owner or property occupant has notified the Town that the vehicle is
being parked on the property.
2. Overnight occupancy of a recreational vehicle parked in the Town is prohibited.