Recreational Trailer Permit
Code Enforcement Department
Vehicle Information
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License Plate # State Make Model Color Year
Parking Location
Permit is only valid when vehicle is parked in the above location.
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Vehicle Owner Mailing Address Phone #
Applicant Name
Permit Approved _________________________________ Date ___________________
Code Enforcement Director
Permit Number 2020 -______ Issue Date _________________
Between May 15
and September 15
, persons may park a recreational trailer or non-motorized vehicle on the
roadway for more than five (5) days with prior permission of a code enforcement officer. A permit will be
issued and a fee of $25.00 will be charged. All permits will be displayed on the driver’s side front windshield.
City of Winooski Municipal Code Section 15.06 - Recreational, Trailer or Non-Motorized Vehicle Parking
No person shall park any recreational vehicle, trailer or non-motorized vehicle to include but not limited to,
motor home, motor boat etc., in a roadway or sidewalk, for more than five (5) days without prior permission
from the City of Winooski, (see below). The movement of said vehicle from one location to another within the
City of Winooski, for no other purpose other than long-term parking will not be permitted. A written notice of
violation shall be placed on any vehicle parked contrary to this section, giving the owner five (5) days to
remove said vehicle from the roadway or sidewalk.