COMPLETION OF COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Complete AFTER finishing Community Involvement activity
Completion Date: Total Hours: Sponsor Signature
Student Signature: Parent/Guardian Signature:
(If student under 18)
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Record of Community Involvement Hours
40 hours of community involvement is required for graduation. Most activities that support non-profit organizations
(e.g. charitable organizations, community agencies, service clubs) will meet the eligibility requirements set out by the
Ontario Ministry of Education. Please refer to guidelines below and speak to your secondary
school guidance office for further information, including activity pre-approval.
Eligible Community Involvement Activities include an event/activity/program:
Designed to be of benefit to the community
Supporting not-for-profit agencies, institutions or foundations
Structured to promote tutoring, mentoring, coaching and the purpose is to assist
others (with not-for-profit organizations, not replacing paid employment)
Supporting work of a global nature, promoting environmental awareness
Contributing to the health and well-being of any group, including school-based
Affiliated with a club, arts or cultural association, or community organization that
seeks to make a positive contribution in the community
Ineligible Community Involvement Activities:
Activities that would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace
Activities during instructional/ class time within the school day
Required activities of a course where you earn a credit
Participating on school sports teams or clubs
Experiential learning (e.g. “Take Our Kids to Work Day”, job shadow, co-op)
Regular family responsibilities (chores)
Court ordered community service programs
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NOTIFICATION OF PLANNED ACTIVITY: Complete PRIOR to beginning Community Involvement activity
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Sponsor Contact phone # or email: Parent / Guardian Signature (permission):
(If student under 18)
Principal (or designate) signature: (if necessary)
Schools may provide a list of pre-approved activities
A signed letter on letterhead confirming date, hours, location, and activity may be submitted in lieu of Sponsor Signature