Reasonable Use Criteria
This Exhibit is adapted from Section 13-45. It is
highly recommended that you review Chapter
13 and discuss any concerns or questions with
the Parks Department.
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Reasonable Use Tree Removal
Permit Application
Property Address (List all):
Property Size (acres or
Current Zoning
Future Land
What is the development
history of the parcel in
A grand or protected tree shall be permitted to be removed if the grand or protected tree denies or precludes
reasonable use of a parcel of property. For purposes of this chapter, reasonable use shall mean an actual,
present use or activity on a parcel of real property (including periods of inactivity which are normally associated
with, or are incidental to, the nature or type of use or activity), or such reasonably foreseeable, nonspeculative
land uses which are suitable for the subject parcel of property , which are compatible with adjacent land uses,
and which have created an existing fair market value in the parcel of property greater than the fair market
value of the actual, present use or activity on the parcel of property. In determining reasonable use of a parcel
of property the following factors shall be considered:
Please attach a copy of the "Tree Hazard Evaluation Form" provided to you by the Parks Department.
Are there any special
circumstances affecting
the development of the
What is the existing
development pattern on
similarly situated parcels
near the property in
Please attach a copy of the site plan/survey, showing the protective radii of all protected/grand trees on the parcel and the impact of the
protective radii on the proposed structure.
Please attach all copies of other plans for development that have been considered for this parcel.
Please attach any other pertinent information that you would like the Board to consider when make its determination of reasonable use.
What were the tree
regulations in effect at the
time you purchased the
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