RPL Pre-Qualification Form
RPL Pre-Qualification Template V1.3 15-04-2021
Please note: Once enrolled, a copy of this fully completed document must be submitted as part of your
RPL Evidence Kit. AAMC Training staff are unable to place this document into your assessment area for you.
Applicant’s Full Name
Current Position
Bank Manager
Private Banker
Personal Banker
Business Development Manager
Lending Manager
Finance/Mortgage Broker
Other Position (title)
Resident of
Australia Overseas
Time in current position
Time in previous position & title
(if less than 12 months in your current position)
Loan Types
Non Complex NCCP Lending
PAYG/Sole Trader (individual) Asset Mortgage Debt Consolidation
Complex Lending
Self-employed (with financials) Equipment Finance Business/Commercial Trusts SMSF
Other (please specify):
Current Position Details
OFFICE USE ONLY: If the applicant’s position does not fall into one of the above options, send this form to the applicant to
complete and return the entire form for enrolment approval.
Activities/Job role description
List your Qualification(s), achievements and industry memberships
Job Role Description
Lending knowledge/types of complex loans written
Your business experience including how you acquire and maintain new clients and referrers
If in your current job less than 5 years please explain previous work experience detailing any lending and financial services roles
Please provide a web link to your profile/s
LinkedIn URL
Facebook URL