Roosevelt University has contracted with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to provide
affordable public transportation to all degree seeking, full-time students at the Chicago Campus
through the CTA U-Pass program. A student who is designated a full-time Schaumburg Campus
student and who signs and submits this request form each semester will be eligible to receive a
CTA U-Pass and will be charged a $153.00 non-refundable fee each semester.
U-Pass offers unlimited rides on any CTA bus or train during the Fall and Spring semesters
beginning five days before classes start and extending until five days after finals end. It is not
offered during the Summer.
U-Pass does not require a transfer or surcharge.
The U-Passes of students whose enrollment status changes to part-time will be deactivated
without refund.
The U-Pass has the student’s photo and name on the card and is non-transferable.
The Ventra U-Pass account is not transferable and will be confiscated by CTA for a full calendar
year and its holder subject to criminal prosecution if it is misused (fraudulent use) or presented
for transportation by any person other than the person it was issued. *
Full time status for CTA U-Pass program is defined as:
12 or more credit hours per term for undergraduates
9 or more credit hours per term for graduate students
6 or more credit hours per term for doctoral students
Incomplete courses, GUIDE courses from previous terms, classes at other universities and
courses not officially listed on the current term registration cannot be used to determine full-
time status. Part-time students are not eligible for the program under the terms of the
contract, and they may not purchase or receive a U-Pass.
For information about the distribution or use of the CTA U-Pass, or if you have questions
regarding your enrollment status, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (312) 341-3535.
Submit completed forms to the First Stop, Schaumburg Campus.
____ Yes, I am requesting a CTA U-Pass and agree to pay the $153 non-refundable fee for the
UPass for the following semester (choose one semester ONLY):
Fall 20___ Spring 20___
Printed Name: ______________________________
Signature: ___________________________________
ID #: ________________________________________