Pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated §25-1-503, a public entity shall not enter into a contract
valued at $1,000 or greater with a company unless the contract includes a written certification that the
person or company is not currently engaged in, and agrees for the duration of the contract not to
engage in, a boycott of Israel.
By signing below, the Contractor agrees and certifies that they do not currently boycott Israel, and will
not boycott Israel during any time in which they are entering into, or while in contract, with Arkansas
State University Mountain Home. If at any time after signing this certification the contractor decides to
engage in a boycott of Israel, they must notify Arkansas State University Mountain Home in writing.
If the Contractor currently boycotts Israel, or engages in the boycott of Israel while in contract with
Arkansas State University Mountain Home, see Arkansas Code Annotated §25-1-503.
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