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Community & Economic Development Department
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Residential Care Facility is any facility classified by the State agencies licensing Community Residential Homes as Assisted
Living Facility (ALF) and Adult Family Care Home (AFCH) for the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA); and Group
Home (GH) for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD). The application and appropriated licenses are processed and
provided by the State of Florida. The City of Miramar is only responsible for verifying that a proposed site is not within
1000/1200 feet from an operating facility pursuant to Florida Statute 419 and Miramar LDC 405.5.
Requirements to apply for approval of RCF distance separation request:
Proof of Ownership (Broward County Appraisal print out or copy of current Deed)
Show the completed State of Florida application from AHCA (ALF, AFCH) or APD (GH)
Application Date: Application Number:
Applicant Name:
Facility Name:
Applicant Address:
Applicant Phone:
Applicant Email:
Proposed location address:
Proposed location zip code:
Proposed location Parcel ID
Number of Residents: License Type: ALF AFCH GH
Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) Agency for People with Disabilities (APD)
*ALF - Assisted Living Facility AFCH: Adult Family Care Home *GH - Group Home
Distance (Feet)
Residential Zoning District
Up to 6
Single Family
7 to 14*
*Requires a zoning confirmation letter. The approval for the distance separation is valid for six months. Extension
(up to 2) will cost $162.00 each.
Important Links:
Interactive Map for proposed location distance verification (Miramar Maps - GIS)
Agency Health Care Administration (AHCA)
Assisted Living Facility (ALF)
Adult Family Care Home (AFCH)
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Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) Group Home (GH)
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