Revised 8.2019
RESEARCH CHECKLIST (Maximum Award $1,200)
1. Clear and concise description of the current research project (if needed, attach separately a
maximum of 4 pages)
a. MERIT: contribution to the field, department, college, and/or university
b. PROBLEM STATEMENT: clear, concise statement of research
c. OBJECTIVES: to be achieved in this research and in the future (if applicable)
d. METHODOLOGY: include summary of methods and procedures
e. EXPECTED OUTCOMES: time-line for completion, possible future research
f. BUDGET: list overall project funds (include personal, departmental, external, etc.) and amount requested from
CRS on CRS Budget Form
2. Letter of support from Department Chair (attach separately)
3. Abbreviated curricular vita of principal investigator (attach separately, maximum of 2 pages)
4. If you have previously received CRS funding, make sure the publication status of those projects is up to date
with the CRS office by completing the CRS Funding Report Form.
5. Submit the Research Checklist with the CRS Funding Application, Department Chair’s letter (if applicable),
Funding Report Form (if previously funded and not already submitted), and any other materials to Jenni King
in paper (WES 203A) or electronically ( If submitted electronically, please
PDF the necessary pages as one bundle.
6. Per university policy, all travel MUST be approved by the Provost. If your project requires travel, make sure to
fill out the Travel Authorization Form. The CRS committee will consider your submittal with/without pre-
approval, therefore you may submit the form after the CRS deadline. Note: forms are required by the Provost
at least 30 days prior to the date of travel. Contact Jenni King at ext. 3180 if have questions.
This budget includes participant compensation or incentives. (IRS reporting guidelines apply)