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Pitt County Planning Department
1717 W. 5th St.
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 902-3250
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The Address Administrator shall identity private accesses and notify property owners with frontage along the
access that a name is needed. All property owners that abut and/or have access are required to sign the petition.
Upon receipt of a proposed name from the property owners, the Address Administrator shall review the name in
accordance with Section 6 of the Addressing Ordinance within five (5) working days. When an acceptable
response is not received within fourteen (14) days of notification, the Address Administrator shall propose a
name. Following approval by the Address Administrator, the private access name shall be added to the official
road name list. Affected property owners/residents will be notified of the newly assigned address number for
the named private access. If a name cannot be agreed upon, the matter will go before the Board of County
Commissioners at an advertised public hearing.
We make this request with the following understanding:
1. At least three (3) addressable structures share this access.
2. The proposed name does not duplicate any other road or private access name within Pitt County.
3. The proposed name is not phonetically similar to any other road or access name in the County.
4. The proposed road name will not exceed twenty-three (23) characters in length
5. Only one signature is required per parcel.
6. All private accesses will be designated as a Lane.
7. The cost and maintenance for the sign will be the responsibility of Pitt County.
Applicant Information
Proposed Private Access Name
Applicant (Print Full Name)
Physical Address
Mailing Address (Include City, State & Zip)
Telephone Number
Email Address
We request the following name to be assigned
to the access serving the parcels identified
below. Our three (3) choices in order of
preference are:
1) ______________________ Lane
2) ______________________ Lane
3) ______________________Lane
Parcel #
Property Owner Name
Current Mailing Address
Signature (Print & Sign)