Because the Cook County Clerk's Office wants to prevent fraudulent or unwanted cancellations of existing
Property Fraud Alerts, we thank you for completing the following steps to ensure your identity.
1. The alert may be canceled only by the person in whose name it was created.
2. If not canceled in person (with ID) at our Recording Fraud Unit, located at 118 N. Clark, Room 120, Chicago, the
affidavit below will need to be completed by the person in whose name the alert is registered, and notarized.
3. To cancel in person, please schedule an appointment by calling our Recording Fraud Unit at (312) 603-4000.
You will need to complete the information below in the presence of a staff member and show ID.
4. If canceling by mail, you must fill out the form below and sign it in the presence of a notary, who should complete
their section below and affix their official notary stamp to the document. Please include a legible copy of your
state-issued ID, along with the original of this form, and mail (or hand deliver) to: Cook County Clerk's Office
Recording Fraud Unit, 118 N. Clark St, Room 120, Chicago IL 60602.
5. If the information provided does not match the alert registration, or an incomplete request to cancel submitted,
the alert will not be canceled until sufficient documentation is provided.
NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS of REQUESTOR: _____________________________________________________________________
CITY/STATE/ZIP: _____________________________________________________________________________
BEST PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT YOU: ________________________________________________________
PROPERTY INDEX NUMBER TO CANCEL: __________________________________________________________
ADDRESS OF PROPERTY TO CANCEL: _____________________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS (IF USED) TO REGISTER: __________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER (IF USED) TO REGISTER: _________________________________________________________
I, ______________________________________________________________, the “requestor,” am officially
requesting to cancel all property fraud alerts to me for the PINs contained in this document. I am making this request
of my own free will, and authorize the Clerk's Office and Onyx Electronics to delete my information and alerts
directed to me. I understand that duplicate entries for these PINs to other registrants can only be canceled by those
persons in whose name the alert was registered. SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________
I, ______________________________________________, affirm that the document above was fully completed
when presented to me, and that the person whose name appears as the “NAME” listed above appeared before me,
and that I verified their identity by inspecting a copy of valid, state or government issued ID.
Date: ______________________________________________
Notary Signature: ____________________________________
Rev: 10/17
(affix notary seal in this box)