Cass County Friend of the Court
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Cassopolis, MI 49031
Phone: (269) 445-4436/Fax: (269) 445-4435
“Cass County is an equal opportunity provider and employer”
Plaintiff’s name, address, and telephone number
Defendant’s name, address, and telephone number
I am the _____ Plaintiff _____ Defendant in this case
The following child(ren) for whom support is ordered in the above case currently reside(s) with me:
Name of Child Date of birth Date child started living with me
I believe this living situation will continue into the foreseeable future. Yes____ No____
I am asking that the child support I am ordered for this child (or these children) stop. By requesting my child support to
stop, I understand that if there is a current court order for custody or parenting time, it will remain in effect. I understand
that the FOC will send a 21 day notice to both parties recommending that support be stopped based upon my
representations. If there is no objection filed, my child support for the minor child or children will be stopped while the child
or children continue to live with me or until further order of the court. If an objection is filed, I understand I will have to file
a motion requesting that support be stopped. I understand that if child support is stopped and if any of my children
identified above start receiving public assistance, then my child support obligation may be reinstated in the amount last
ordered by this Court.
Signature of Requesting Party Date
PLEASE NOTE: The FOC will not accept this request unless your child(ren) has/have been living with you for at least 30
days. In addition, if the child(ren) is/are residing with you according to the terms of a court order (for example it is your
half of the summer break with the children pursuant to your court order), child support cannot abate or stop, since this
parenting time with your children is already taken into consideration in your child support order.
Rev. 6/2014