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Please note: Equitable Life
cannot ensure the privacy and confidentiality of any information sent through the internet because e-mail may be
vulnerable to interception. As a result, Equitable Life is not responsible for any loss or damages you may incur if your information is intercepted and
misused. If you would prefer to submit your information by another means, please contact us at 1.800.668.4095.
Before You Sign...Consider These Facts:
1. Your life insurance policy is a valuable asset and an important part of your future economic security.
2. Your completion of this form will result in a loss of this asset and the economic security that this policy
provides for you and your dependents, as well as tax consequences.
3. If you need cash – our loan option may help you (if available).
4. If your plan no longer suits your needs – we can suggest changes that will be of real benefit to you.
We may be able to increase your benefits and/or decrease your premiums.
5. To expedite this process please forward this form to your Advisor/Servicing Agent to be submitted to our Head office.
Request for Termination (Direction and Release)
I, the Insured/Owner named in Policy Number
(the "Policy") have considered carefully the above facts, understand fully the benefit I can
secure in adjusting rather than surrendering this Policy and contract and now instruct The Equitable Life Insurance Company of
Canada (the “Company”) to terminate the Policy and pay the present cash value as directed below. I fully understand that I have
no further protection or benefits under the Policy, and release and discharge the "Company" from all claims and demands with
respect to the Policy.
Dated at this day of ,
Insured’s/Owner’s Signature
Insured’s/Owner’s Signature
*Insured’s/Owner’s Social Insurance No. *Insured’s/Owner’s Social Insurance No.
If this policy is assigned please submit a letter of release from the assignee
**I, the Preferred or Irrevocable Beneficiary under the Policy hereby
consent and agree to this termination of the Policy and the payment of the cash value as directed above. I fully understand that I have no
further protection or benefits under the Policy. I certify that I am over the age of majority.
**Beneficiary’s Signature
(If applicable)
Advisor’s Name:
Advisor’s Signature: Date:
*In accordance with Section 237 of the Income Tax Act, we are now required to submit a S.I.N. on all tax forms. Failure to supply a S.I.N. may result in a $100.00 penalty payable by you according to
Section 162 (5), (6) & (7). **The signature of the beneficiary, if preferred or irrevocable, is required.