MCN-CSE 02.21.2017
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Please Read this information before submitting the attached request for a review. If MCN
CSE is sending you this because you have requested a review, you must complete and return
the attached requested form within 15 days from the date of this notice or the request will be
denied. If you have any questions or need help completing this form contact the CSE office.
Child Support orders may be modified with a material change in circumstances. They may not be
changed retroactively. The following may constitute a material change of circumstances, please
check the appropriate box which applies to your request:
1. MCN CSE may file an action for modification of a child support action if either
party requests a modification, in writing and:
a. There has been an increase or decrease of 15% in the combined gross income used to
compute child support;
b. It has been three (3) years or longer since the order was established or modified;
c. The living arrangements of the child have changed; or
d. A change in the child support guidelines.
2. Either the CP or NCP may request a modification of child support any time after an entry
of decree upon a showing of a material change of circumstances.
3. A Request does not guarantee a change in a child support order.
Please provide a brief explanation for your request:
I, , am requesting a review because:
MCN-CSE 02.21.2017
4. I understand that:
a. This review may result in the modification of my order and that MCN CSE will address
only child support. Other non-related issues will not be advised by MCN CSE.
b. MCN CSE will not represent me or the other party to my support order. Both parties to
the support order have the right to have an attorney represent them in court or have an
attorney or other person represent them in an administrative hearing.
c. MCN CSE may use information I provide to establish, modify, or enforce child support.
MCN CSE shares this information with other governmental agencies only for these
d. MCN CSE may ask a court to modify my child support order.
e. MCN CSE may deny my request to adjust or modify my support order if my order does
not meet legal standards or CSE review requirements.
f. If MCN CSE decides to proceed with an adjustment or modification of my support
order, the adjusted or modified order is effective from the date MCN CSE files the
petition in court and not the day I requested a review.
g. An adjustment or modification of my support order may result in an order that
requires a higher or lower support amount than my current order requires.
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