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(the “Fund”)
The undersigned unitholder of the Fund (the “Unitholder”), having received the offering memorandum of the
Fund as amended from time to time (the “Offering Memorandum”), and having read and understood the terms
of redemption therein, hereby requests the redemption of that portion of his, her or its units (theUnits”) of the
Fund as is indicated below:
(check one)
all of the Unitholder’s outstanding Units;
all of the Unitholder’s outstanding Series A Units;
all of the Unitholder’s outstanding Series F Units;
that portion of the Unitholder’s:
Series A Units having a NAV at the time of redemption of CDN$ __________
Series F Units having a NAV at the time of redemption of CDN$ __________
_________ outstanding Series A Units (number of Units)
_________ outstanding Series F Units (number of Units);
on the next available redemption date (the “Redemption Date”) following receipt of this request. This Request
for Redemption must be received at least 30 days prior to a Redemption Date. The Unitholder acknowledges
that any Series A and Series F Units that are redeemed within one year of their issue date will be subject to an
early redemption fee as described in the Offering Memorandum. Notices of redemptions may not be
subsequently withdrawn by the Unitholder except in those circumstances described in the Offering
Memorandum or, in extraordinary circumstances, with the Manager’s consent.
Unless the Manager agrees otherwise, redemption proceeds, (i) if sent by wire transfer, shall be paid to
the same bank account from which the Unitholder’s investment in the Fund was originally remitted, or
(ii) if delivered by cheque, shall be made out to the order of the person(s) in whose name the Units are
Dated this _________________________, 20______.
Very truly yours,
Name of Unitholder Dealer Account No.
Wire Order No. Mackenzie Account No. (optional)
Signature of Unitholder or Authorized Signatory
Name and Title of Authorized Signatory (if applicable)
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