Funding requests may be submitted as soon as the Educational Plan is approved for the academic year.
All requests for use of program stipends must be approved by your Presidential Scholar Advisor and be
directly related to and necessary for your project and approved by Dr. Baker before the money is spent. Often,
you may do this by e-mail.
On-line purchases: no on-line purchases are allowed at this time. You must receive a quote, send it to our office
and we will process for approval and order your materials for you. When they arrive, you will be notified they are
here and ready for pick up.
Receipts for reimbursement:
Travel: These include gas, airline tickets, conference fees, and meals (must be itemized), agenda and flyer must
also be received as back-up. SUNY Potsdam will not reimburse for alcohol purchases.
Direct bill from SUNY Potsdam:
o Vehicle: such as mileage from a vehicle request. Copies of the travel requisition and vehicle request form
must be submitted prior to travel.
o Duplicating requests: You must get an estimated cost for copies/flyers/banners through Central Printing.
(Bonnie can help with this).
Reimbursement deadline: All receipts that you want to be reimbursed for must be received in our office no later than
Thursday at 11 a.m. in any given week. This gives our office time to prepare a check request, obtain Dr. Baker’s
signature and send check request to the foundation office for processing. We suggest that you begin this process
before Thursday. Paperwork received after Thursday will be processed the following week.
Requested Item
Is this replacing
a current budget
item? (Y/N)
If yes, what budget item is this replacing?
$ Amount
Purpose of the budget change:
Student Name Amount Requested $
Student Signature
Project Name
Director of Undergraduate Research or Lougheed Center for Applied Learning Director Date
If you will be replacing a specific budgeted item with another item, this must be indicated. See examples below.
Example: Approved budget item: 2 sinks sets ($116), 2x3 (construction) $26.88
Budget item: 2 sink sets ($100), 2x3 (construction) $15.00, was able to purchase items at a lesser cost so I have money
left over and would like to purchase……..
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