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To publish copies of items from
the holdings of the
Delaware Department of Transportation
Name and Address
Requests permission to use the following materials for publication (print or electronic) or exhibit*
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Publication in which materials are to be used* ___________________________________________________________
*Approval of this application shall be contingent upon application using the credit line “Delaware Department of Transportation” on all
reproductions. Applicant hereby agrees to include this credit line on all reproductions and to provide the Delaware Department of Transportation
(DelDOT) with a copy of the publication(s) in which the items appear, when published. If the documents are to be mounted on the web, a copy of
the electronic documents or images is required to accompany this request to the Delaware Department of Transportation. Please be advised that
DelDOT may create a link on our website to any other website where materials included above may appear.
The requester agrees that all items copied onto film negatives, prints, transparencies, videotapes, web documents, etc. from DelDOT holding will be
visibly identified as coming from the Delaware Department of Transportation. Noncompliance with this agreement may mean violation of copyright
law. The user of the materials assumes all responsibility for infringement of legal copyrights.
The Delaware Department of Transportation looks forward to receiving a copy of the publication upon release.
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Signature of Director, Delaware Department of Transportation Signature of Requestor