Clinton County Department of Personnel
137 Margaret St., Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Personnel Dept: Provide individual with copies of exam announcements for every make-up exam requested.
Request must be submitted no later than sixty (60) days after release from active duty.
Service in the military may conflict with scheduled Civil Service Exams. Sections of NYS Military Law provide special rights for
veterans and members of the armed forces – see reverse.
Complete the following:
_____ I have reviewed my rights as described on the reverse. I qualify under the following section of Law: _________
I am requesting to take the following Clinton County exams:
_________________________________________ __________________________________________
_________________________________________ __________________________________________
_____ I understand that the eligible list(s) resulting from the above listed exam(s) must still be in existence. Usually it is not
practical to administer an exam requested less than sixty (60) days before the list in question expires.
Along with this completed form, you must submit the following:
_____ A completed Clinton County Application for Examination or Employment with supporting documentation to prove that
you meet the minimum qualifications for each exam listed above.
_____ A check or money order made out to the Clinton County Treasurer for the $12.50 filing fee required for each exam
listed above. You may submit one check or money order for the combined total for all exams.
_____ A copy of your military order, DD-214, or other official military document that substantiates your active military service
from the first date of the filing period through the exam date for the exams you are requesting.
_____ If requesting Veterans’ Credits, submit a completed Application for Veterans’ Credits Form attaching a copy of your
DD-214 indicating discharge from active duty and the character of discharge or release. Individuals are not entitled to
veterans’ credits on a make-up exam unless they qualified for such credit as of the last filing date for the original exam.
_____ List below all other NYS and Municipal Civil Service Exams you are applying to take as military make-up exam(s).
Your request(s) will be forwarded to NYS Dept of Civil Service; they will coordinate the administration of all exams.
________________________________________ __________________________________________
________________________________________ __________________________________________
________________________________________ __________________________________________
_____ I understand that I don’t have to wait until discharge from active duty to take the exam(s)-completing them at the earliest
date is advisable. I will be available to take the requested exam(s) any time on or after the following date: _________
When we receive instructions from the NYS Department of Civil Service about administering the exams, we will contact you.
I have read all the information on the front and back of this form and included all documentation required for my request for
military make-up exams.
_________________________________________________ ___________________________
Section 243-b(1)
Any member of the armed forces who properly filed, within the announced filing period, an application for a competitive
examination, but was unable to participate in the examination due to active military service, must be provided with a
special make-up examination. This applies to candidates covered by Section 242 or 243 of the Military Law, as well as
any other applicant who, due to active military service, was prevented from participating in a competitive examination
for which he/she timely filed an application.
Section 243-b(2)
Any member of the armed forces, who, because of active military duty other than for training purposes, missed the
application filing period for an examination and as a result is deprived of the opportunity to compete in an examination,
shall be given a special military make-up exam. The make-up examination is to be administered under the terms and
conditions set by the State Department of Civil Service or municipal civil service agency.
Section 243-b(3)
Any member of the armed forces, who, because of active military duty other than for training purposes, missed the
application deadline for a scheduled examination and who returns from such duty prior to the administration of such
examination shall be granted a waiver of the application requirement and be allowed to compete in the examination. A
candidate who failed to file a timely application due to military duty is not necessarily entitled to be tested on a walk-
in basis. Even if the candidate is available on the scheduled test date, he or she may be required to compete according
to alternate test date procedures.
Section 243-c
This section covers individuals serving on active duty in the armed forces during the filing period for a civil service
examination, or individuals who have been discharged with other than a dishonorable discharge after the filing period
has commenced. Such individuals must be permitted to file an application for examination no later than 10 business
days before the scheduled examination date, or the last date to file, whichever is later. If qualified, the individual must
be provided an opportunity to compete in the examination under terms and conditions deemed appropriate by the state
or municipal civil service agency.
Section 243(5)
This section differs from Section 243-b in that it applies only to current public employees who return to a position after
termination of military duty.
Section 243(7-b)
This section differs from Section 243-b, as it applies to any person who has passed one or more parts of an examination
but has been prevented from completing the remaining parts of the examination because of military duty. A request to
complete the examination must be made within 90 days of the termination of military duty, and the candidate shall be
given the opportunity to take a comparable examination. Under Section 243 (7-b), the eligible list resulting from the
original examination holding need not be in existence. If the candidate passes such examination, his/her name may be
placed on a special eligible list, as discussed in the next section.