Some Career and Technical education classes offered to high school students are also eligible for college
credit. There are potential benefits and drawbacks to having these credits awarded at the college. You should
consider carefully if this is best for you.
These credits are intended to apply to a Career or Technical degree; however, they may not transfer to
a university or apply to a degree in a different area of study.
Your official transcript is a legal document that cannot be changed once it is created. You will be
creating a permanent record.
Credits earned may impact your future eligibility for financial aid.
Before completing the form, we recommend you go to the SERS website at www.ctesers.org to review a list of
your completed CTE classes (log in, then select View History under the Registration menu). If you have any
questions about missing or inaccurate information, please contact your instructor or the high school.
To request successfully completed courses be entered onto your official Big Bend Community College
transcript, please complete this form. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!
Name: _____________________________________________________ Birth date: ____________________
High School: ________________________________________________ Year credits earned: ____________
Your mailing address: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________
Courses requested (Please be specific. For example: “ACCT 105 & BIM 102” or “Only ECED credits” or “All
welding credits”):
Student signature:______________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Parent signature (for students under 18): ___________________________________ Date: ______________
Submit this completed form to the Admissions office. You may:
Drop it off at the 1400 Building at Big Bend Community College
Mail it to BBCC Admissions, 7662 Chanute St NE, Moses Lake WA 98837
Scan and email it to admissions@bigbend.edu
Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing. You will be notified by email once credits are transcribed, so please
be sure your email above is correct and easy to read.
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