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HCM 05/2020
Main Campus
5901 College Rd
Key West, FL 33040
Phone: 305-809-3188
Middle Keys Center
900 Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon, FL 33043
Phone: 305-809-3219
Upper Keys Center
89901 US Highway 1
Tavernier, FL 33070
Phone: 305-809-3154
Change of Campus Policies:
1. Change of Campus may only be granted for up to two terms prior to the original term of application.
2. You are a new student who has applied or been admitted to another campus, but the term has not yet
begun and you wish to complete your degree through a different campus than your original application.
To change your campus of admission at The College of the Florida Keys, complete and return this form to the
address listed below.
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Student ID # Last Name First Name
__________________________ ___________________________
Date of Birth Email Address
Applied at: Main Campus Middle Keys Center Upper Keys Center
Changing campus to: Main Campus Middle Keys Center Upper Keys Center
Please indicate the semester/year for which you are changing campus of admissions:
Fall (August December) Spring (January May) Summer (May August)
Statement of Understanding:
My signature on this form certifies that I am requesting to change campus at The College of the Florida Keys
and that I agree to the conditions stated in the Change of Campus Policy stated above.
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