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Burning Permit (new).docx
1. Complete the application below for open burn permit and email to frontdesk@elkrivermn.gov
2. The Fire Chief (or his designee) will inspect the burn site within 48 hours of original request.
3. The cost for a Special Burning Permit is a one-time fee of $10.00 for residential areas. Upon approval
of request, you will be called to make payment, and your permit will be emailed to you. For questions,
please call 763.635.1000.
Requests for special open burn permits within the “no-burn zone” shall be made in writing to the Fire Chief
and shall detail the special circumstances warranting the request. Open burning occurring within the “no-burn
zone” shall be at least six hundred (600) feet from any neighboring structure.
Name _______________________________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone___________________ Cell Phone___________________ Work Phone ______________
Explain your request and burn site location:
____________________________________ _______________________________________
Signature Date
For Office Use Only:
____________________________________ Approved Denied
Fire Chief or designee
Original given to Fire designee (Date/Time)____________________________ Initials __________
Applicant notified of decision (Date/Time)____________________________ Initials __________
Fee Paid (Date) __________________________
Reason for denial: _____________________________________
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