The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
The employment responsibilities to the State are primary for any employee working full-time; any other
employment in which that person chooses to engage is secondary. An employee shall have approval from the
agency head (or designee) before engaging in any secondary employment. The purpose of this approval procedure
is to determine that the secondary employment does not have an adverse effect on the primary employment and does
not create a conflict of interest. These provisions for secondary employment apply to all employment not covered
by the policy on Dual Employment.
Secondary employment shall not be permitted when it would:
Create either directly or indirectly a conflict of interest with the primary employment, or
Impair in any way the employee’s ability to perform all expected duties, to make decisions and
carry out in an objective fashion the responsibilities of the employee’s position.
Approval for secondary employment may be withdrawn at any time if it is determined that secondary employment
has an adverse impact on primary employment.
Employee Information:
Employee: ____________________________________________________________
Job Title: _____________________________________________________________
Department: ___________________________________________________________
Nature of secondary employer’s business and description of duties to be performed:
Work Schedule (days/times of work): _______________________________________
Employee Certification:
I understand:
The policy governing secondary employment. My secondary employment will not have any impact on and
will not create any possibility of conflict with my primary employment.
That failure to provide accurate information regarding my secondary employment approval request or to
follow all policies regarding secondary employment may be considered unacceptable personal conduct
which could subject me to discipline up to and including dismissal.
That secondary employment information is public and may be disclosed to third parties.
Employee Signature: ___________________________ Date:_____________
Approval Signatures
Approved: __Yes __No Supervisor:___________________________ Date:_____________
Approved: __Yes __No Dean or Director:_______________________ Date:_____________
cc: Human Resources
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