Please read before completing this form:
Please email your completed form to your requested school – you can find contact details at
You must complete one form for each child you wish to request a place for.
If requesting a place in your catchment school, please enclose copies of your most recent Council
Tax demand notice and a current utility bill as proof of your address.
Do not use this form for children transferring from nursery to primary school, or from
primary to secondary school – a separate form is used for this purpose.
1. School details
Requested school:
Year stage requested: (i.e. P1-P7, S1-S6)
Intended start date:
2. Your child’s details
Forename: Home Address:
Date of Birth:
Gender: Male
Current or previous school attended:
3. Details of main parent(s)/carer(s) who live with child at above address
(i.e. Mr, Mrs)
(i.e. mother)
(i.e. Mr, Mrs)
(i.e. father)
Name: Name:
Daytime Tel:
Daytime Tel:
4. Reasons for your application (if applicable)
Please explain the reasons for your request, if necessary. If you consider your child to have additional support needs, please give
these details below. Please note that you will need to enclose evidence of any additional support you tell us that your child is
receiving e.g. a doctor's letter. Use on a separate sheet if necessary.
For S3-S6 year stage requests, please give details of desired course choices and level, i.e. ‘Higher English’.
CF/School Placing Request Form
Updated 19 Oct 16
How the City of Edinburgh Council will use and share your information
The Council will use the information you have provided to process your application for a school placement.
To process your application, it may be necessary to check or share the details you have provided with
other information held by the Council, or with other organisations, to prevent or detect fraud.
Information provided on this form may also be used to produce statistics for the purposes of research and
planning. These may be shared with other organisations but only in an anonymised form. The Council will
not share or use your personal data for any other reason unless we are required to do so by law. This
form will be held on the pupil’s school record.
5. Declaration
Please read the following carefully and tick the box to confirm you understand the information:
By making this request I accept that:
The information given in this form, and any additional information provided, is true;
Any place granted on the basis of false information will be withdrawn, even after a child has started
If the requested school is a non-catchment school and my request is successful, there is no guarantee
that a future request for a younger brother or sister will be successful;
If the requested school is a non-catchment school and my request is successful, I will be responsible
for all transport costs.
By ticking this box I confirm that I have
read and understood this information.
Date received:
Within catchment area? Yes
Date acknowledged:
Sibling(s) in attendance? Yes
Request Granted?
Turned Down?
Date decision issued:
For requests turned down, please record grounds below:
make it necessary for the authority to take an
additional teacher into employment
would prevent the education authority from retaining
reserved places at the school or in relation to any particular
stage of education at the school
assuming that pupil numbers remain constant, make it necessary, at the commencement of a future stage of the child’s
primary education, for the authority to elect either to create an additional class (or an additional composite class) in the
specified school or to take an additional teacher into employment at that school
give rise to significant expenditure on extending or otherwise altering the accommodation at or facilities provided in
connection with the school
be likely to be seriously detrimental to the
educational well-being of pupils attending the school
have the consequence that the capacity of the school would
be exceeded in terms of pupil numbers
be likely to be seriously detrimental to order and
discipline in the school
if the education normally provided at the specified school is
not suited to the age, ability or aptitude of the child
be seriously detrimental to the continuity of the child's
if the education authority have already required the child to
discontinue his/her attendance at the specified school
You can get this document on tape, in Braille, large
print and various computer formats if you ask us.
Please contact Interpretation and Translation
Service (ITS) on 0131 242 8181 or and quote reference
number 16-0877.
ITS can also give information on community
language translations. You can get more copies of
this document by calling your local school.
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