Please complete your full name below as you wish it to appear on your replacement diploma:
First name Last name used while in attendance
Social Security Number or Banner ID Daytime Phone #
Degree Type (circle diploma requested) BA BFA BPS BS BSN MA MFA MPA MS MS in Ed MSW CAS
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Mailing Address - Please send diploma to:
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The College at Brockport
State University of New York
Office of Registration and Records
Students who have lost or damaged their College at Brockport diplomas may request a replacement diploma for $15.00.
Please complete this form and return it with your payment to the Office of Registration and Records (address below). We will
process your request within 7-10 business days.
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Student’s Signature date
Please mail, email, or fax the replacement diploma form to:
The Office of Registration and Records
The College at Brockport
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420-2966
Fax: (585) 395-5392
Phone: (585) 395-2531
Replacement diplomas are $15.00 each. Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order only. Please indicate below.
Cash payments are accepted in person ONLY. Credit card payments are NO LONGER accepted.
[ ] Payment by check $ enclosed (Please make check payable to SUNY Brockport).
[ ] Payment by money order $ enclosed.
[ ] I will be bringing in a cash payment.
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