Colorado Springs Community Centers
Deerfield Hills
Meadows Park
The signer of the RENTAL AGREEMENT shall be considered the legal agent of the organization or group, and as
such, the signer shall be responsible for use of the Center, and compliance with all conditions and related regulations of
the City and must be at least 18 years of age.
The signed copy of the RENTAL AGREEMENT and a minimum payment of 50% of the fee must be provided to
guarantee the reservation. Payment in full must be paid at least seven days prior to rental date to avoid cancellation.
Renters must confine themselves to the approved times and shall be charged an additional fee of $100 per hour if they
fail to vacate the building at the established time. The facility needs to be cleaned and left in its original condition.(This
includes wiping off counters, cleaning all tables , chairs and removal of all decorations and tape on walls or ceiling)
Additional charges for cleaning will be incurred if not.
The renter is financially responsible for any damages to property or equipment incurred during their rental period.
Prior permission is required for equipment.
No smoking is allowed within the facility and
ALL park property is designated nonsmoking (to include electronic
devices, marijuana, tobacco) as defined by City Ordinance #177 (6.6.201, 6.6.202, 6.6.203)
No alcohol is allowed. Consumption of alcoholic beverages prohibited anywhere on the premises. The rental
manager has authority to take appropriate action for any violations. All laws pertaining to alcohol consumption will be
enforced. Violators of this rule are subject to arrest, forfeiture of damage deposit, and immediate termination of rental of
the center.
The noise level of any activity, including bands and stereos, shall be maintained below the acceptable levels approved
by the Noise Control Division of the Police Department. The building/rental manager shall determine the appropriate
volume for all activities. Failure to comply shall result in the immediate forfeiture of rental payment and the rental event
may be canceled.
No form of gambling will be permitted on the premises.
No products, including food, are to be sold on the premises unless proper permits are obtained.
Keys to the Center will not be issued or loaned to any individual or organization.
The center staff will determine if a security guard is required. If required, it is the responsibility of the rental party to
provide uniformed, bonded security guard(s) who shall be present during the entire rental period. A signed security
agreement would be due seven business days prior to the rental date.
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services may require the renter to provide insurance.
The building/rental manager is in charge of the entire facility and its use at all times, and has final authority in resolving
At no time shall the number of persons in the building exceed maximum capacity (per fire code), as
posted in each room of the facility. Frying of food outside of kitchen, fog or smoke machines, candles,
glitter, confetti, hay and bubble machines are not allowed. Taping or tacking onto the walls or light
fixtures is not permitted except for masking tape (includes any type of nails, tacks, etc.). Sand,
powder, or other items may not be used on any flooring as they cause damage. Table covers are
required for all rentals.
For safety reasons renters and guests must enter through the front door only. All other doors will remained closed
except during loading or unloading of event supplies.
Refunds will not be issued, however refund requests may be reviewed on a case by case basis.
I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the conditions as stated in this RENTAL AGREEMENT.
Revised 1/2020
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