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City: Strata Lot: Strata Plan:
We wish to request permission to carry out the following work in our unit:
Contractor's Company Name:
Office Contact: Main Number:
Onsite Contact Name: Cell:
Commencement Date:
Completion Date: (not to exceed 2 months)
Building Permit #:
We attach herewith the necessary plans and details of the work to be carried out.
We have read and understand the Strata Bylaws we agree to fully abide by them. We understand and
agree that if we violate any aspect of the Strata Bylaws, we will be subject to penalties imposed by the
Strata Corporation against our Strata Lot. We understand that alterations to the strata lot are not covered
by the Strata Corporation’s insurance.
NOTE: Your request for renovations is subject to the Strata Councils approval and
completion of the attached Alteration and Indemnity Agreement.
Owner’s Name: Signature: Date:
Received : Date:
Approved: Date:
Comments and conditions:
Tribe Management Inc. // 419-1155 W Pender St. // Vancouver, BC, V6E 2P4
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