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F-1 students admitted to the United States are responsible for maintaining their F-1 status. A
student who has failed to properly maintain F-1 status and wishes to continue studies at Houston
Community College (HCC) must take steps to be reinstated to F-1 status by the U.S. Department
of Homeland Security (DHS).
As an applicant for reinstatement, I understand that losing F-1 status is a violation under Code of
Federal Regulations 8 CFR 214.2(f), and I agree:
1. Acknowledge that reinstatement to F-1 status is at the discretion of United States Citizenship and
Immigration Services (USCIS).
2. Be
aware that I will not be eligible for a second reinstatement with HCC.
3. Submit a complete set of application documents for reinstatement to HCC and mail the
application to USCIS within 5 months of losing my F-1 status.
4. Maintain a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.
5. Enroll and study as a full-time student (12 credit hours for Fall/Spring, 9 credit hours for Summer)
beginning in the current or next available semester. Only one distance-education (online) class
shall be counted toward the “full course of study.”
6. Attend the next available F-1 International Student Orientation.
7. Make normal progress towards completing the program of study with a passing grade-point
8. Send the application packet to USCIS within 5 days after the reinstatement SEVIS Form I-20 has
been processed and submit a copy of the USCIS receipt to my Designated School Official (DSO).
9. Be aware there will be a hold placed on my account and contact ISP before attempting to enroll in
classes so that the hold can be released temporarily.
10. Acknowledge that, until I receive approval for reinstatement, I am not eligible to transfer to
another school or to receive any benefits, such as on-campus employment, renewal of driver’s
license, reduced course load, and a good-standing letter.
11. Contact my DSO within 2-5 business days to discuss any notification received from USCIS and take
any action required by USCIS before the deadline.
12. Be aware that, even if my reinstatement application is approved, I will fall out of status if I fail to
maintain full-time enrollment in any semester after filing for reinstatement.
13. Report any changes of phone number and address to USCIS and ISP within 10 business days.
I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the abovementioned statements about the
application process for reinstatement. If I am approved for reinstatement to F-1 status by the
DHS, I promise to be a responsible student and follow all regulations pertaining to my F-1 status.
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