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A. This application must be accompanied by an original certificate from the certifying officer of the
jurisdiction of the foreign limited partnership’s organization attesting to the foreign limited partnership’s
organization under the laws of such jurisdiction. This certificate is most commonly known as a Certificate
of Good Standing or a Certificate of Existence and is usually issued by the Secretary of State’s office. This
certificate must be issued within the last 60 days.
B. The name under which a foreign limited partnership may register shall include the words LIMITED
PARTNERSHIP or the abbreviations L.P. or LP (Title3, Section 2-303)
C. If the name of the foreign limited partnership does not satisfy the statutory requirements as set out in
paragraph “B” of this form or if the name of such partnership is not available for use in the Muscogee (Creek)
Nation, a statement by its general partner duly adopting a fictitious name that is available, and/or which does
satisfy the statutory requirements, MUST BE ATTACHED HERETO. Such fictitious name shall be used
to the exclusion of the partnership’s true name when transacting business in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.
(Title 3, Section 2-352)
The undersigned for the purpose of registering a foreign limited partnership pursuant to the provisions of Title
3, Section 2-350, hereby executes the following application:
1. The name of the limited partnership is:_______________________________________________
2. The jurisdiction of its formation:____________________________________________________
3. The date of its formation:__________________________________________________________
4. The name and street address of the agent for service of process, if any (The agent must be an
individual resident of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, or a domestic or foreign corporation, limited partnership
or limited liability company authorized to do business in this state.):
Name Street Address City Zip Code
(P.O. Boxes are NOT acceptable)
FILING FEE: $300.00
5. The address of the office required to be maintained in the jurisdiction of its organization by the laws
of that jurisdiction or, if not so required, the principal office of the foreign limited partnership:
Street Address City State Zip Code
6. The name and business address of each general partner:
Name Address City State Zip Code
7. The address of the office at which is kept a list of the names and addresses of the limited partners and
their capital contributions. The foreign limited partnership agrees to keep those records until its registration
in Muscogee (Creek) Nation is canceled or withdrawn:
Street Address City State Zip Code
8. The Secretary of the Nation is hereby appointed the agent of the foreign limited partnership for
service of process if no agent has been appointed, or if appointed, the agent’s authority has been revoked or
if the agent cannot be found or served with the exercise of reasonable diligence.
Dated this _______ day of ____________________, _______.
Signature of General Partner
(List title if applicable:__________)
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