This request must be approved by the Academic Affairs Ofce before the student will be registered for
the course.
Directions: Complete all information requested, obtain Advisor or Department Chairpersons signature,
and submit form to Dean of Undergraduate Studies, 207 ADM, Atrium.
To be completed by student
Name ___________________________________________ Year in School (e.g. junior)_____________________
I request to be registered for the following course at Loras College or the University of Dubuque.
Campus ____________________________________________ Course Number___________________________
Course Title_________________________________________ Credit____________ Day/Time______________
Building______________________________ Room_____________________ Term (FA/SP/SU)______________
Please state the requirement this course is intended to meet (major, minor, Compass curriculum.)
Is this course equivilant to a Clarke course? _______________ Please see Transfer Evaluation System at or Department Chairperson for major or minor courses.
Clarke course number and title _________________________________________________________________
Student Signature Date
To be completed by Advisor/Department Chair
I endorse do not endorse this request according to the Tri-College Cross Registration Policy. (If the
course meets a major or minor requirement, the Department chair must verify the course equivalency.)
Advisor or Department Chair Signature Date
To be completed by Academic Affairs
I approve do not approve this request according to the Tri-College Cross Registration Policy.
Academic Dean’s Signature Date
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1. All students may opt to take courses on another campus provided that
1. The class enrollment limit specied by the other college is not exceeded, and
2. The course is not offered on the home campus. (Exceptions to this policy will be made
by the Academic Dean of the home campus.)
2. A course in one’s major and in education taken on another campus must meet the
specications of the major department and the Teacher Education Program on the
home campus.
1. Each major department will specify for its majors which major courses from the other
institutions will be acceptable in fulllment of its graduation requirement. Departments
may make this specication in terms of denite courses or in terms of number of credit
hours, or both.
2. Each Teacher Education Program will specify for its own members which education
courses from the other institution will be acceptable in fulllment of its requirements.
3. Registration priorities differ between REQUIRED COURSES and ELECTIVE COURSES.
1. For REQUIRED COURSES a student has priority in courses
1. Offered on the HOME CAMPUS.
2. Offered by a HOME CAMPUS INSTRUCTOR but on another campus.
3. Offered on another campus by arrangement with the colleges.
2. For ELECTIVE COURSES a student has secondary consideration to students for whom
the course is a REQUIRED COURSE.
1. Required by another institution but not offered on the HOME CAMPUS by
arrangement of the colleges.
2. Taught by an instructor from another campus.
4. A college may refuse to accept a cross-registration of
1. A student dropped from that college for academic or other reasons.
2. A student previously refused admission to that college for academic other reasons.
(Appeals from these two policies are to be made to the Academic Dean of the
refusing institution.
5. Students who cross-register must have their accounts paid at their home institution.
6. Some courses are not open for cross-registration. Each college will identify these courses on
their website.
The Tri-Colleges do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin nor do they
discriminate against handicapped persons in administration of its educational policies, admission
policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.