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The Nursing Program at Renton Technical College prepares students for employment as registered nurses in a variety of health
care environments in the surrounding community. Students who successfully complete the program will receive an Associate
in Applied Sciences-Transfer (AAS-T) degree and be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered
Nurse (NCLEX-RN) exam. The program also prepares students to transfer to an RN-BSN program after obtaining the RN license.
Submitted in the packet:
Copy of application to Nursing Program.
Copy o
f credit evaluation letter from RTC if you transferred in credits from another college; and/or RTC
unofficial transcripts.
To Do Summary List printed from CastleBranch.com website showing submission and completion of required
documentation and immunizations.
Full report of criminal background check from CastleBranch.com website.
Unofficial copy of your TEAS test (must meet minimum scoring requirements; see
http://www.rtc.edu/registered-nurse-associate-degree), order official copy from ATI to be sent to
While not required to apply, additional points towards admission will be given for the following:
Verification forms for employment and volunteer experience can be found at http://www.rtc.edu/registered-nurse-
Work experience, Minimum of 100 hours of work experience in the last 3 years. Submit verification of employment
form; you may only submit one form; additional points given towards admission for health care related work.
Health care related work (for example: CNA, MA, LPN, EMT)
Non health care related work
Volunteer experience (any community-based volunteer experience). Submit verification of volunteer experience form;
only one form will be accepted.
50-100 hours
Greater than 100 hours
Military service. Submit evidence of current military service or copy of honorable discharge.
Honorable discharge
Current military service (e.g., Reserve, Active Duty)
Previous Degree (e.g., AA, BA, MS). Credit received for one degree only; please submit transcript to verify degree.
Application packet MUST be complete (incomplete packets will not be considered)