Section 2
Quotation request - BTL individual
Intermediary use only
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Broker / Packager name
Your BDM
Broker / Packager email
Security address
(Please complete a schedule A
when there is more than a single
property proposed as Security)
Security value
Required Castle Trust loan
Product type
Loan term (years)
Yes No
Does the Borrower own more than three mortgaged BTL properties?
Refurb to Let
One Two Three Four Five
Section 1
If all individual asset values are below £1 million and you wish to purely obtain a rate indication, please complete Section 1
only. If any single asset value is over £1 million or you wish to apply for formal terms, please complete Section 1 and Section
2 fully. If you are applying for a Credit Recovery mortgage, you will also need to fill out the Credit Recovery enquiry form
available at
If Second Charge, please state
outstanding rst charge balance
Internal use only - PF
Country of residence
Is the Borrower(s) a UK resident for tax purposes?
If yes, what is each
Borrower’s top rate of
Income Tax?
Yes No
Borrowers name Top tax rate
20% 40% 45%
20% 40% 45%
20% 40% 45%
20% 40% 45%
Tax status
Roll-up Term Serviced Term
A blend of rolled interest
and serviced interest
Roll-up Bridge Serviced Bridge
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Castle Trust | Belvedere House, Basing View, Basingstoke RG21 4HG | Tel: 0345 241 3079 |
Castle Trust is the trading name of Castle Trust Capital plc (company no. 07454474). Castle Trust Capital plc is registered in England and Wales.
Registered oce: 10 Norwich Street, London EC4A 1BD. Castle Trust Capital plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Important information
Loans are subject to status, terms and conditions. The customer must repay the loan by the end of the term. If the customer has not
repaid the loan by the end of its term and either does not have sucient savings or is not able to arrange another mortgage, then they
will need to sell their property. Property may be repossessed if the loan is not paid when due. This communication is for authorised
intermediaries only. This information has not been approved for use with customers and is not intended for public or customer use.
Intermediary use only
Borrowers name Country of tax residence
Borrower’s name Date of birth Borrower’s name Date of birth
If no, please list each
Borrower’s country of
tax residence
Monthly rental income
Security details
Optional additional
monthly payment
Number of bedrooms
Freehold Leasehold Years left on lease
Holiday Let HMO
Please indicate the applicable HMO type below
Student Let
Yes No
Detached Semi-detached Terraced Flat Studio Sqm
If studio
Number of lettable
How many kitchens at the Security? How many storeys does the Security have?
Is the Security a purpose
built HMO?
Is the primary lender aware that
the Security is a HMO?
Will the Borrowers hold the relevant HMO licence upon completion?
Castle Trust will require verification via the conveyancing solicitor
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
HMO details
Purpose of the Castle
Trust loan
Does your client want
the Express Service?
(Title insurance fee and £300 arrangement fee are required, see our website)
Yes No
What is the client’s
repayment strategy?
First charge Second charge
Which lender will hold the
rst charge?
Mortgage type
Expiry date of xed or
tracker rate
Fixed Tracker Other
Term of mortgage remaining unexpired (years)
If second charge is requested, provide the third party lender rst charge details below
(please state)
Legal charge proposed
Any other information
that Castle Trust should
be aware of?