Quincy College
Source of Income
The income that you reported for you and/or your parent(s) on the 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) appears to be
insufficient to have supported your household. To gather a better understanding of your familys financial situation, please itemize your family’s
source of income below. We are requesting that you revise the parent income figure you reported or provide an explanation as to how your family
was able to meet your expenses on the resources you reported. This information must be supplied before we can continue to process your
financial aid award.
Student Name:
Quincy College ID #:
Household size:
1. Wages per year
2. AFDC/TANF or other welfare per year
3. Social Security Benefits per year
4. Child Support Received per year
5. Alimony Received per year
6. Unemployment
per year
7. Gifts of Money
per year
8. 2018 Financial Aid per year
9. Veteran’s Benefits per year
10. Housing, food or other living allowances
11. SNAP Benefits (food stamps) per year
12. Other*
Total Resources
per year (add 1-12):
Who did you live with in 2019?_________________________________________________________
Were you required to pay rent?_________________________________________________________
Who financially supported you in 2019?__________________________________________________
I/we certify that the information provided above is completed and correct.
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