City of Mission Viejo
Application for Appointment to Commission
This application is a public document; any information contained on the application is public information.
Qualification Requirements: (a) Resident of Mission Viejo (b) At least 18 years of age
*A separate application is required for each Commission or Committee
Please be aware that a condition of appointment is that members must:
File Fair Political Practices Commission Conflict of Interest Statements upon assuming office, leaving office and annually;
Attend state mandated Ethics Training (AB 1234) within one year of appointment and bi-annually thereafter;
Attend state mandated Harassment Prevention Training (AB 1661) within 6 months of appointment and bi-annually thereafter.
Commission on which you wish to serve
Years lived in Mission Viejo If applying for a senior citizen position, are you 55 or older?
___ Yes ___ No (applies to Community Services Commission)
Cell phone
Home phone
Work Phone
Complete address
Email address
Occupation and employer
Educational background/degrees
List any Orange County or other city commission/committee on which you have served, and the year of service
Organizations to which you belong (professional, technical, community, charity)
Briefly state why you wish to serve on this Commission and why you believe you are qualified for the position, be
specific (attach additional notes if necessary)
I understand that any or all information on this form may be verified. I consent to the release of this information for
publicity purposes.
Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________
Please note: Applications will be kept on file for two years and may be considered for future vacancies.
Return application to: City Clerk's office, 200 Civic Center, Mission Viejo, California 92691
Telephone: (949) 470-3052 / Email:
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