QCC Mentoring: First Meeting Instructions
and October Area of Focus
Thank you for participating in QCC Mentoring! We are excited for you to meet with your match in this
mentoring relationship. We will send out a calendar of events and area of focus for you to use with your
match each month, as well as some brief updates about QCC Mentoring. This month we have included:
Getting to Know You worksheet- Mentor and Mentee can complete this activity together to get
to know one another
QCC Mentoring Goal Sheet: You can work together to identify goals for the upcoming semester
for the mentee. We ask that you keep this document for review at the end of the Fall semester.
Calendar of Events: We have included upcoming events for QCC Mentoring, and a calendar of
college wide events as well.
This monthly meeting can be completed either directly at the conclusion of the Kick Off Event, or any
other time in the month of October.
As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to mentoring@qcc.mass.edu, or call 508 854
Mentoring Program Updates
This year we will be meeting completely virtually. You can use Zoom Meetings, Google Meet
(students have access through their QCC Email) or Facetime for your monthly mentoring
meetings. If you need help setting up a meeting, please email mentoring@qcc.mass.edu
QCC Mentoring has been selected to host an Ambassador of Mentoring this year through the
AmeriCorp program and the Massachusetts Mentoring Partnership. Our Ambassador, Shanna
Breil will be helping us evaluate our programs effectiveness, and support our recruitment
We are welcoming two new Core Partners this Fall. Core Partners are organizations that commit
to sending 10 or more mentors to QCC Mentoring. Our new partners are:
o Worcester County Bar Association
o Cityblock Health
We thank our previous Core Partners for their commitment to the QCC Mentoring Program
o The City of Worcester
o AbbVie Pharmeceutical Research and Development
o Hanover Insurance
o UMass Memorial Health Care
Monthly QCC Events: https://www.qcc.edu/events-calendar
Me Myself and I! Workshops: 10/28/2020 and 11/4/2020, 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM,
The awareness building and skill building sessions titled, “Me, Myself & I! Parts 1 & 2”, will explore the complexities of identity on the individual, group and
institutional levels through the lens of self-reflection and sharing of experiences. In addition, we will learn how the concepts of “Cultural Humility” and cross-
cultural communication impact our relationships and worldview.
Get to Know AbbVie: 11/12/2020; 12-2:30 PM
Learn more about one of our Core Partners for the QCC Mentoring program, AbbVie Biopharmaceutical Research. This is an opportunity to learn more about
careers in the Biology, Chemistry, and Biotechnology industry, and hear from QCC Mentors and Alumni who work at AbbVie. Highly recommended for any
Biology, Chemistry, or Engineering Majors. This session will include a panel of QCC Alumni who work at AbbVie, and a virtual tour of the facility.
Explore Tutoring at QCC: 12/4/2020: 12-1:30 PM
Speak with some of our great tutors at QCC, and explore ways you can benefit from working with the Tutoring Center. QCC Tutoring staff will be on hand to
share study skills and time management strategies to help you get ready for your final exams, papers, and projects
Last day of Finals: 12/22/2020. Intercession runs from 1/4/2021 to 1/14/2021.
Spring Semester Begins 1/20/2021
Spring Semester Kick Off Event: 2/11/2021, 4:30 PM
Get back into the swing of Mentoring! All mentees and mentors encouraged to attend. Participants will work on goal setting and engagement skills at this
interactive virtual event!
QCC Mentoring Training Materials
QCC Mentoring: Getting to Know You Activity:
Make a list of words that reflect who you are, or ways that you identify:
Examples: Gender, Religion, Cultural Background, Hobbies, Jobs, Political Beliefs, Role in Family, Favorite Sports, etc… There are no wrong
Choose the top 5: The most important parts of yourself:
Divide the circle below into a pie chart with five parts, with each section of the circle equal to how
much it is that you
identify with that group:
Introduce yourself to your partner by discussing the parts of you- Making the whole
Name: Date:
My Professional or Social Goal is:
Anticipated Date to Achieve:
Steps I will take towards this Goal:
My Academic Goal is:
Anticipated Date to Achieve:
Steps I will take towards this Goal:
My Goal for the Mentoring Relationship is:
Anticipated Date to Achieve:
Steps I will take towards this Goal:
Mentor and Mentee Contract Agreement
This Goal Setting Worksheet is intended to provide a starting framework for the mentorship. Both
Mentor and Mentee should keep a copy, discuss goals, implementation of steps and together make
every eort to fulfill.
Mentee Signature and Date Mentor Signature and Date
In the first QCC Mentoring meeting, we ask that mentors and mentees that did not meet at the initial
kick o event begin with the Getting to Know You Pie Chart Activity. Once this has been completed, we
ask that the mentor and mentee work together to fill out the QCC Mentoring Goal Sheet. This goal sheet
allows mentors and mentees to come up with concrete, achievable goals for the student to achieve
throughout the academic year.
This sheet asks students to set goals for their academic growth, their professional/social growth, and
their goals for the mentoring relationship.
Once this sheet has been completed and signed by both the mentor and the mentee, we ask that a scan
is sent to mentoring@qcc.mass.edu.