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Updated March 2020
Division of Research and Innovation
Publication Reimbursement Allowance Claim Form
(Incorporating the Thesis Production Allowance)
Please read before completing your form to establish eligibility
Please note that not all scholarships provide this allowance. Please check your Conditions of Award before completing this
Following (1) submission of the thesis, or (2) acceptance of an academic paper for publishing, a claim for reimbursement of
costs can be made, supported by receipts of expenditure.
The maximum amount that can be claimed for all of the abovementioned costs is capped at AUD$840 for Doctoral
candidates, and AUD$420 for Master by Research candidates. Multiple claims can be submitted, up to the aforementioned
maximu m value.
The following expenses may qualify for reimbursement:
o PUBLICATION: the fee for submitting an academic paper for publishing. Reimbursement can only be
claimed after the publisher approves the paper for publication with no further amendment.
o THESIS PRODUCTION: the cost of consumables (i.e. paper, ink, one USB) and / or the printing and
binding of your hard copy thesis for examination. Your claim may not include a charge for labour if you
have done your own typing or for the purchase of equipment such as an external hard drive,
computer, or postage / taxi fare/ bus fare for delivery of thesis.
o EDITING: Editing expenses can only be reimbursed if undertaken by a professional editor with an
ABN and upon provision of a receipt. Reimbursement can only be claimed after the thesis is submitted
for examination.
Claims should be lodged with the Adelaide Graduate Centre within 12 months of date of initial thesis submission.
The allowance is not assessable income for taxation purposes.
If approved, reimbursement will only be processed on provision of receipts (not unpaid invoices) in the name of the person
lodging the claim. Payment will be made by EFT.
**You will need to log on to - to update/confirm your banking details.
Should you no longer have University email access you will need download a bank authority form from
and submit with your claim
Personal Details
Given Name(s)
Student ID
Bank details updated (date)** Online Attached Date:
School or Discipline
Degree PhD Master
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Date of Thesis Submission First Final N/A
Summary / Checklist of Claim for Which Receipts are Attached
If approved, reimbursement will only be processed on provision of receipts (not unpaid invoices) in the name of the person
lodging the claim. Payment will be made by EFT.
Receipts from the service provider must showing the cost incurred by the award holder, the date on which the receipt was
issued, and the service for which the claim is being made.
Expense Type Claim
Receipt Provided? OFFICE USE ONLY
Academic Publication $
Please attach proof of payment relating to
submission of publication AND proof of acceptance
of publication (please note, reimbursement will not
be paid without proof of acceptance of publication).
Thesis Reproduction
(printing / binding)
Editing $
USB for thesis submission $
Other (please specify) $
Payment will only be made by EFT - Please ensure you have updated/confirmed your bank
details as requested on page 1 of claim form**
I confirm that the information provided on this form is correct and that I have not received financial assistance from another source for
any of the items claimed above. I hereby give The University of Adelaide Authority to credit all monies due to me to the account details
provided to the University. This authority is to remain in effect until cancelled in writing.
Sign here
If Costs Covered by Your School/Discipline
(Please request your school/discipline attach an itemised account of costs incurred including project code to be credited)
I authorise the amount of $______________ to be transferred directly to the School/Discipline of______________________________
to reimburse the cost of the allowance, as per attached account.
Signed (School Representative): ________________________________ Printed name: __________________________________
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