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FR 01-100-00
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Fill out the information below. The information provided to the Board on this form is used for order fulfillment purposes only.
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Federal Reserve Board
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General Publications
The Fed Explained: What the Central Bank Does, up to 10 copies,
$25 each, outside U.S., $35 each; over 10 copies, $20 each,
outside U.S., $30 each
Equal Housing Lender (poster), no charge
Regulatory Information
The Federal Reserve Regulatory Service (FRRS) is available by
subscription at Please direct all customer
feedback to or 800-334-1429 x2338.
Reports to Congress
Annual Report, single copies, no charge
Credit and Liquidity Programs and the Balance Sheet, single
copies, no charge
Economic Research and Data
Annual Percentage Rate Tables
Volume I (Truth in Lending) $5
Volume II (Irregular Transactions) $5
Statistical Digest, $25 each
1980–89 1991 1993 1990–95
1990 1992 1994 1996–2000
Statistical Releases
Geographical Distribution of Assets and Liabilities of Major Foreign
Branches of U.S. Banks – E.11, quarterly, $5 per year
(paper only)
Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States – Z.1, quarterly,
$25 per year (paper only)
All other releases available online at
Working Papers
Finance and Economics Discussion (FED) Series,
single copies, no charge
International Finance Discussion Papers (IFDP),
single copies, no charge
Review of Foreign Developments,
single copies, no charge
Occasional Staff Studies,
single copies, no charge
Supervision Manuals
Supervision manuals, including the Bank Holding Company Supervision
Manual, the Commercial Bank Examination Manual, the Consumer
Compliance Handbook, and the Trading and Capital-Markets
Activities Manual, are available on the Board’s website at
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FR 01-100-00
Publication Order Form—(continued)
Privacy Act Statement
The information you provide is collected and maintained to allow individuals to subscribe to Board publications, with the
exception of the Federal Reserve Regulatory Service (FRRS). The information collected will be used to process the
ordering and fulfillment of orders for Board publications. In order to do this, we may disclose your information consistent
with the routine uses listed in the Privacy Act system of records entitled BGFRS–40, “FRB—Board Subscription Services,”
located at and published at 83 FR 15569
(April 11, 2018). The routine uses include disclosing the information where the information may be relevant to a potential
violation of law, rule, regulation, order, policy, or license; to contractors or agents of the Board in performance of their
duties for the Board; to a congressional office in response to an inquiry from an individual to whom the record pertains; or
to the Department of Justice, a court, adjudicative body or administrative tribunal, or a party in litigation when the
information is deemed relevant and necessary to the matter. Consistent with OMB M-17-12, records may also be
disclosed either to facilitate a response to a breach of the Board or to assist another federal agency or federal entity in
responding to a breach. We are authorized to collect your information by 12 U.S.C. § 244. Furnishing the information
requested is voluntary; however, if you fail to provide this information you may not be able to order or subscribe to the
Board’s publications, excluding the FRRS.