Public Health Major
Application Form
Directions: Students applying to the Public Health major are required to complete this application form
(3 pages). The application form and a resume should be submitted in a single email to Mrs. Lonita
Stegall by the application due date, Friday, January 31, 2020 at 8:30 am.
This application form should be saved in the following format: LastName_Application.pdf. The resume
should be saved in the following format: LastName_Resume.pdf. See the Public Health Application
Instructions for additional details.
Last Name _____________________ First Name ______________________ Middle Initial ____
Furman ID Number _____________ Furman email address _________________________________
Class Level: Today’s Date ________________________
Provide the name of two references who are Furman faculty or staff members.
Reference #1 ____________________________ Reference #2 ____________________________
Successful participation in the Public Health Major requires more than just completion of coursework.
Public Health Majors are required to participate in co-curricular activities including substantial
community engagement (e.g. volunteer service hours, service projects, and summer capstone experience
between Junior and Senior year) and successful completion of three semesters of ‘Seminar in Public
Health,’ a semester long, non-credit bearing course.
By checking this box, I confirm that if I am accepted into the Public Health major, I will commit to
completing the aforementioned co-curricular activities.
By checking this box, I agree to the following three statements.
I agree that I will abide by Furman’s Integrity Pledge and maintain its high standards of
integrity and honesty.
I certify that this application is my own work.
I agree to allow the Application Committee to access my Furman University Course Credit
Summary and Degree Checklist.
General Information
Public Health Major
Application Form
Write a personal statement articulating why you want to pursue a degree in public health. Be sure to
include to describe how previous experiences (e.g. course work, volunteer experiences, internships,
conversations, etc.) impacted you. The personal statement should not exceed 3,500 characters with
spaces (approximately 500 words).
Personal Statement
Public Health Major
Application Form
In this section, you may describe any additional information pertinent to your application that has not
yet been communicated through the personal statement, course credit summary or professional
references. The statement should not exceed 1,500 characters with spaces (approximately 200 words).
tional Section