Today’s Date
If you wish to address the Board, please fill out this card completely and give it to the secretary at the beginning
of the meeting.
You will be called during a Public Comment period of the meeting. Comments are limited to three minutes.
Last First Middle Initial
Number Street City
Please check one:
Non-agenda Item (regular meetings only)
Agenda Item
#: _____
DESCRIBE SUBJECT OF YOUR REMARKS – Please be specific. If more space is needed, use other side.
Please check one:
Authorized to speak for the following organization:
Speaking as a member of the following organization:
Speaking as a private citizen
Speakers are limited to three minutes per topic. There is a 15 minute limit per subject, regardless of the number of speakers. These time limits may be extended
by the majority of the Board. The following comments are out of order: (1) comments that are not within the District’s subject matter jurisdiction; (2) comments
that are unduly repetitive; (3) obscenity; and (4) threats of violence. At regular meetings, speakers may comment on non-agenda items, with one presentation
permitted per person. Under the Brown Act, the Board may not discuss or take action on any item not on the agenda.
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