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Course Fee request - Psy 261
Matthew Novak
Social Sciences
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course fee
The impact for the college is neutral since the monies are largely passed through to the
Indonesian Primate Center (PSSP) and IPB University to cover in country costs for the
students. This change will essentially streamline how student’s money is handled,
reducing administrative fees and charges that have to be paid, ultimately saving students
money and reducing the cost of the program.
The program is ongoing so no additional instructional requirements will be required.
Revised CA Presentation Checklist-writable Updated 10/10/2018
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Students who take this class will receive a unique, hands-on, experiential learning
experience. This will allow them to make informed decisions about career plans. In
addition, the mulitcultural experiences of the program will help prepare students to live-in
and understand a larger world around them. Collectively, this will better equip them to be
life long learners.
Summer 2020
Recommend that a 3000.00 course fee be added to Psy 261: Indonesia Field Study
starting Summer 2020.
To: College Affairs
From: Matthew Novak, Associate Professor of Psychology
Date: September 28, 2019
Re: Add program fee costs as course fees to Psy 261: Indonesian Field Study
I am requesting that a mandatory course fee be placed upon all sections of Psy 261: Indonesian Field Study
in the amount of $3000.00. This money will be used to pay for program costs.
Psy 261: Indonesian Field Study is the COCC extension of a program that began as a collaboration with Pusat
Studi Satwa Primata (Primate Research Center, PSSP) at the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB University) in the
city of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Twenty-six years ago, as an undergraduate, I became the first American
student to visit and participate in establishing this conduit for international exchange. To date, over 100
students from colleges and universities around the country have participated. In 2011, when I came to
COCC, I brought my participation in the program with me. Eight COCC students have now participated, with
one student making trips 2 years in a row, and a second student later traveling to Thailand to participate in
an affiliated program and then also accepting an internship with Mahasarakham University in Thailand. This
year we have three students lined up and preparing to make the trip.
The program is an interdisciplinary educational program designed to provide field-based educational,
training, and research opportunities for individuals interested in Conservation Psychology, Biology, Animal
Behavior, Primatology, Environmental Science, and Global Health. Students, and Biodiversity. Staff and
professionals from Central Oregon Community College may participate. The program is conducted at PSSP-
IPB affiliated field sites and facilities in Indonesia. It is an excellent opportunity for participants to experience
first-hand the demands and rewards of living and conducting research in tropical field conditions in arguably
the most biodiverse country on the planet. This program is emotionally and physically demanding and
requires strong commitment and motivation on the part of the participants. Individuals with a sincere
interest in research and an appreciation of foreign cultures find this program an exciting, challenging and
ultimately a rewarding experience.
The cost of the 2020 program is $3500.00. This price includes:
o The program fee (administrative and operating expenses);
o All necessary transportation while in Indonesia (airport pick-up/drop-off, transportation
to/from Cagar Alum Pangandaren);
o Housing (hotel - modest accommodations) for 5 nights in Bogor;
o Room and all meals while at Cagar Alum Pagandaren (field conditions, primitive
The course fee in this proposal DOES NOT include:
o $500.00 deposit
o Airfare;
o Travel documents (passport, Indonesia entry visa);
o Immunizations;
o Health/travel insurance;
o Meals while not at Cagar Alum Pagandaran;
o Special food items to take to or have at Cagar Alum Pangandaran (candy, cookies, soda,
o Local transportation or side trips;
o Optional side trips (e.g.,sight seeing/shopping, rental car costs, other related fees);
o Course material (books, supplies);
o Pocket money;
o Tips (tipping is not needed at restaurants, hotels, taxi); and
o COCC course tuition for Psy 261 – Indonesian Field Study course.
IMPORTANT: In order to make such a program logistically feasible (holding reservations, coordinating
transportation, etc.), the schedule and fees for this program are fixed and nonrefundable.
If a participant chooses a different arrival time, wishes to select another hotel, wants to shorten or extend
their stay in Indonesia, etc., the respective costs of the program cannot be refunded and scheduled
transportation (e.g., to/from airport, etc.) will be forfeited.
A $500.00 nonrefundable deposit (not applied to the program cost) is due within two weeks from date of
acceptance to the program.
Payment should be made by check to: Central Oregon Community College
Prior to this coming year students took classes from COCC but paid their program fees to the University of
Washington (UW), our primary domestic collaborating University. Due to increasing interest in this type of
training throughout Indonesia, and the rest of Asia, and due to a reorganization of the UW study abroad
system this is no longer possible. This change will essentially streamline how student’s money is handled,
reducing administrative fees and charges that have to be paid, ultimately saving students money and
reducing the cost of the program.
This proposal has been reviewed by Deans Annemarie Hamlin and Jenni Newby and also by VPI Betsy Julian.