Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
What is this Consultation?
The purpose of this consultation is to invite discussion on the challenges facing Coventry
City Council on a s et of ten proposals for: libraries, play centres
, public conveniences,
community centres and the youth commissioning budget as we consider making changes
to the way our services are delivered from 2016/17. The consultation will take place from
7th December 2015 (9am) to 1st February 2016 (5pm) subject to any changes.
What is the issue?
We are making proposals against a backdrop of spending cuts that will see our
government grant cut by half by 2017. We have no choice about reducing services and
making tough decisions against the stark reality of having to deliver services with at least
£250 per head less to spend on every man, woman and child in Coventry than we had in
2010. This will call for wide-scale transformation of services, focused on the communities
and neighbourhoods that need our support, using innovative ways of delivering services
that are very different to the ways we’ve delivered them in the past.
The proposals will not mean the widespread closure of libraries. We still have to make
difficult choices but we’ve listened to Coventry peoples’ views and ar e committed to
finding new ways of working with communities to provide library services.
The proposals also include the establishment of a widespread engagement programme
to seek views on how the Council can make best use of its remaining resources, share
ideas and explore opportunities to combine resources, better understand the extent to
which complementary community provision can be developed and explore the potential
role of local communities in the provision of existing Council services.
How much does the Council need to save?
These would enable £1.2million worth of savings to be delivered in 2016/17.
So who will this affect?
Although these proposals are not as wide-
ranging (in terms of large scale closures of
facilities like libraries) they will have an impact on residents.
Proposals for change
We are consulting on the following ten proposals. These are as follows:
Proposal 1:
For the Council to stop providing play activities at Edgewick and E agle
Street Play Centres and to
explore the option for them to be used for nursery provision
for 2, 3 and 4 year olds instead.
Connecting Communities Phase 1 – Proposal 2Arena Library
Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
Proposal 2: To end delivery of library services from the Arena Park Library facility (and
not renew the lease) and to enter into discussions to relocate reduced library provision at
an alternative community location in Holbrooks
Proposal 3: To end delivery of library services (and not renew the lease) from the
current Willenhall Library facility and to continue discussions with the Haggard Centre
about a more cost effective community library being located within the Centre.
Proposal 4: To end the mobile library service.
Proposal 5: To cut the library media fund of £658,000 to £558,000 for 2016/17.
Proposal 6: For Central Library to continue to open seven days per week, but to close
one hour earlier on weekdays closing at 7pm instead of 8pm.
Proposal 7: To standardise opening hours across all community libraries. All community
libraries will be c losed on Wednesdays and Sundays. This will mean Caludon Castle,
Earlsdon and Foleshill libraries closing on Wednesdays and Bell Green, Earlsdon,
Foleshill, Stoke and Tile Hill closing on S undays. In addition to these reductions in
opening hours, to pursue alternative ways of running the libraries working with other
statutory and/or voluntary sector organisations and groups.
Proposal 8: Withdraw the youth services commissioning budget for 2016/17 and work
with the community and voluntary sector to explore the best way that youth services for
young people should be delivered across Coventry.
Proposal 9: To close six public conveniences located outside the city centre, keeping
open the. two city centre public conveniences.
Proposal 10: Asset transfer remaining community centres to community organisations
on a full responsibility basis.
Decision making
Once the responses to the consultation have been
evaluated, and a final equality
analysis has been completed, we plan to take a report to our Cabinet on 23rd February
2016 (10am).
How can I have my say?
Please complete this paper survey about the proposal relating to
Arena Park Library
and return it to a Connecting Communities Post Box at:
Central Library
Any Community Library
Mobile Library
Edgewick Play Centre
Eagle Street Play Centre
Or if survey was downloaded from our website you can email survey back
to ConnectingCommunities@coventry.gov.uk
If you need to talk to us about the consultation call us on: 024 7683 4390
Connecting Communities Phase 1 – Proposal 2Arena Library
Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
More information will also be available at www.coventry.gov.uk/ConnectingCommunities
If you want to comment on m ore than one Connecting
Communities proposal you will
need to complete a survey for each proposal that you wish to comment on.
The consultation begins on 7
December 2015 and will close on 1
February 2016
To tell us what you think on this subject, please answer the following consultation
Question 1. How are you responding to this survey? (Please select one)
Someone who uses or who has used the services outlined in the proposal
A member of the general public
A Coventry City Council Employee
A Trade Union Representative
A family member or friend of someone who uses these services
A provider of services
A representative from a voluntary organisation
Other Please state
Question 2. If implemented, how do you think this proposal would affect you?
(please tick only one)
Positive effect
No effect
Negative effect
Don't know/ can't say
Connecting Communities Phase 1 – Proposal 2Arena Library
Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
Question 3. Can you tell us why the proposed change would affect you, please
give as much detail as possible:
Question 4. What impact do you think the proposal could have for different groups
of people?
(Please consider age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and
maternity, race/ethnicity, religion and belief, sex/gender, and sexual orientation)?
Connecting Communities Phase 1 – Proposal 2Arena Library
Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
Question 5. If you have any suggestions how any negative impacts can be
lessened for particular groups, please give details below:
Question 6. The Council could do nothing which would involve not making the
planned savings from those services included within the scope of the programme
and plugging the resultant gap from other sources. What are you views on this?
Connecting Communities Phase 1 – Proposal 2Arena Library
Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
Question 7. If you have any other comments on the proposal and/or would like to
make alternative suggestions including how communities can get involved in the
Connecting Communities Programme, please write in the space provided below:
Please provide some information about yourself so that we can monitor which groups of
people are taking part in the consultation. All data will be held securely. You are under no
obligation to complete any question in this section of the survey if you do not wish to.
About you
Question 8. What is your postcode? (This information will only be used to see
which areas people are responding from)
Question 9. Are you :
Connecting Communities Phase 1 – Proposal 2Arena Library
Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
Question 10. What is your ethnic background?
White British (includes English / Welsh / Scottish / Northern Irish)
White Irish
White Gypsy / Irish Traveller
White Other (write in below)
Mixed White and Black Caribbean
Mixed White and Black African
Mixed White and Asian
Mixed Other
Asian / Asian British Indian
Asian / Asian British Pakistani
Asian / Asian British Bangladeshi
Asian / Asian British Other
Black / Black British African
Black / Black British Caribbean
Black / Black British Other
Any other ethnic group
Other (Please specify)
Connecting Communities Phase 1 – Proposal 2Arena Library
Connecting Communities Phase 1 Proposal 2Arena Library
Question 11. How old are you?
Under 16
16 - 24
25 34
35 44
45 54
55 64
65 74
75 84
Question 12. Do you consider yourself to be a disabled person?
Thank you in advance for your involvement in this consultation.