POD Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities | Last Revised September 12, 2016 | CITY OF RICHMOND 1
Application for: Plan of Development (POD) for Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities
Department of Planning and Development Review
Land Use Administration Division
900 E. Broad Street, Room 511
Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 646-6304
Application is hereby submitted for: (check one)
Construction of a wireless communications support structure and installation of related equipment
and antennae
Co-location of antenna and equipment on an existing telecommunications structure (or other
existing structure)
Project Name/Location
Property Adress:________________________________________________Date:
Tax Map #: Fee:
Total area of aected site in acres:
(See page 7 for fee schedule, please make check payable to the City of Richmond”)
Current Zoning:
Existing Use:
Proposed Use
(Please include a detailed description of the proposed use in the required applicant’s report)
Existing Use:
Is this property subject to any previous land use cases?
Yes No
If Yes, please list the Ordinance Number:
Applicant/Contact Person: _____________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:
City: ____________________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code:
Telephone: _(_______)_____________________________ Fax: _(_______)______________________
Property Owner:
If Business Entity, name and title of authorized signee:
(The person or persons executing or attesting the execution of this Application on behalf of the Company certifies that he or
she has or have been duly authorized and empowered to so execute or attest.)
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _____________
Telephone: _(_______)_____________________________ Fax: _(_______)______________________
Property Owner Signature:
The names, addresses, telephone numbers and signatures of all owners of the property are required. Please attach additional
sheets as needed. If a legal representative signs for a property owner, please attach an executed power of attorney. Faxed or
photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
NOTE: Please attach the required plans, checklist, and a check for the application fee (see Filing Procedures)
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Administrative Land Use Application Process
POD Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities | Last Revised September 12, 2016 | CITY OF RICHMOND 3
Wireless & Telecommunication Plan of Development applications are filed with the Department of
Planning & Development Review, Land Use Administration Division, Room 511, City Hall, 900 East Broad
Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, Telephone (804) 646-6304. The applicant, prior to submission, should
discuss and review with sta any potential issues relating to the City’s Master Plan, zoning and any other
land use issues that may be involved.
Application for a telecommunications plan of development must include the following, each part of
which is explained below:
Application form, including a completed checklist;
Folded and electronic plans;
The applicant’s narrative; and
Application fee.
Application Form: All the owners of the property must sign the application form. If a legal
representative signs for a property owner, a copy of an executed power of attorney is required.
Plans/Plats: Electronic plans (PDF and/or JPG) are required for initial subsequent plan
submittals. Plans must be drawn to scale and must show dimensions of the information required.
Applicant’s Narrative & Supplemental Materials: an electronic copy (PDF) with submittal
package. Please see page 4 for details and requirements.
Application Fee
The appropriate fee must accompany the application. Checks should be made payable to the
“City of Richmond”. The fees are determined from the following schedule:
**$100 for each acre or fraction there of over the first acre (fee is not prorated by acreage)
Filing Procedures For:
POD for Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities
Application Type
Initial Application $500.00 + $100 per acre**
Fee Required
4 CITY OF RICHMOND | POD Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities | Last Revised September 12, 2016
Standard Plat Notes:
Name of project, developer, preparer of plans
Plan date and revision dates
Dimensions and bearings of property lines taken from deed or survey
Vicinity map, north arrow, and bar scale
Land area of site
Zoning and existing use of subject property and all adjacent properties
Existing Features:
Physical features including structures, buildings, paved areas, fences, signage, curbs, gutters, fire
hydrants, public rights-of-way (note width), streets, alleys, easements, and/or other adjacent
improved or unimproved rights-of-way
Trees and other significant vegetative material
Bodies of water and limits of 100-year floodplain
Limits of Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas
Proposed Features:
Proposed curb cuts and curb improvements for site access
Location and materials to be used for access and service of site as shown on site plan
Equipment structure(s): dimensions, materials, color, and use shown on site plan and elevation
Outside lighting: location, height and type
Height, character and location of any additional screening (fences, walls, vegetation)
Detailed landscape plan, including type and size of proposed material, height, character and
location of any additional screening (fences, walls, vegetation), and extent of retained vegetation
Project Information:
Owner of Property, Manager/Operator of Structure (if a monopole or tower)
Latitude and longitude of structure
Site elevation
Type of structure (Building Mount, Power Mount, Monopole)
Structure height and mounting height of existing (if any) and proposed arrays
Signal type/ Frequency (PCS, Cellular, Paging, etc.)
Number of vacant slots made available for co-location
Narrative describing services provided from site, the site selection process, status of any regulatory
review (FCC, FAA, NEPA, etc.), compliance with NIER standards, statement of noninterference with
other nearby public safety signals, and noting whether site may be used at no cost for public safety
(see Sec. 114-692.2(a) of the City Zoning Ordinance)
Statement regarding need for height of monopole and availability for co-location
(see Sec 114-692.5(3))
Statement regarding necessity for traditional array if uni-cell or side mount antennas are not
utilized (see Sec 114-692.5(d) of the City Zoning Ordinance)
Network Information:
Map showing location of proposed site and location of existing facilities within city and with 3 miles
of city.
Table with data and all sites noted on map, identifying address, lat./long., type of support structure
tower, monopole, power mount, building, etc.) mounting height of antenna arrange.
Checklist Requirements for:
POD for Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities
POD Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities | Last Revised September 12, 2016 | CITY OF RICHMOND 5
Applicant’s Narrative & Supplemental Materials:
(Required for ALL Proposed Facilities)
The applicant’s narrative report should be drafted separately from the plans and contain the
following information:
The address and latitude/longitude of the proposed location;
A description of communications/broadcast services which the applicant intends to
provide at the site;
The methodology behind the site selection (i.e., describe alternative sites considered in
the site selection process and why the proposed site is the most suitable);
A description of any other regulatory review required for the site and the status of that
review (Federal Communications Commission, Federal Aviation Administration, NEPA
impact report);
The measures that will be taken to ensure compatibility with surrounding properties;
A statement acknowledging removal of antennas upon termination of the use;
A statement indicating compliance with NIER standards;
A noninterference statement;
A statement indicating willingness to allow and the feasibility of collocation of other
users at the site; and
A statement indicating whether the site will be shared with the city if needed for public
safety purposes.
A map showing the location of the proposed site and the location of existing facilities
operated or owned by the applicant within the city and within three miles of the corporate
limits, with an accompanying description of each facility (address, latitude/longitude, height of
support structure, mounting height of antenna array, and willingness to allow and feasibility of
collocation of other users at site).
Plans required for applications shall also clearly depict the following:
The location of the facility within the overall property, the access point from a public
street, the location of other structures within 100 feet.
A detailed layout plan consisting of a site plan, roof plan, floor plan, as applicable to the
specific proposal.
Detailed elevation drawings showing the location and type of antenna array, the
structural element to which the array will be axed, and for mounts using alternative
support structures, any architectural device used to incorporate the array into building/
structure design, the location and materials of any security fencing where required.
The location and details of lighting when required.
The location, type of equipment, noise suppression measures and operational
procedure for any emergency power supply.
The color of antennas, cables, supports structure.
Landscape plans--minimum evergreen hedge for the base of the support structure and
ground-mounted equipment, with additional trees for support structure screening.
A statement within the applicant’s narrative and on the plan that states any antenna, support
structure, and/or related electronic equipment which have not been used for the purpose of
radio transmission for a continuous period of 12 months shall be deemed to be abandoned and
shall be removed from the premises within 90 days of such abandonment.
Applicants Narrative & Suplemental Materials For:
POD for Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities
6 CITY OF RICHMOND | POD Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities | Last Revised September 12, 2016
Dimensions and bearings of property lines of site.
Abutting streets and widths.
Proposed improvements: buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, etc., if parking is provided
indicate the circulation pattern.
Utility services, lighting, rights-of-way, easements, underground structures, hydrants, etc.
Building elevations, with details and colors of finishing elements.
If buildings are close to the property line, then a vertical property line should be
indicated so that encroachments or setbacks may be identified.
Floor plans, basic layout, height of structure.
Planting design, plant schedule that list plant specifications and quantity.
Buer detail and type.
Details of screening and/or fencing, including height and composition of screening.
Location of lights on the site.
Detail of fixtures, including height and type.
An isolux diagram.
Lighting considerations:
A lighting plan should have a uniformity of light coverage, type and color of
lighting, location and fixture style.
O street parking should be well lit with an even distribution of a minimum of
1.0 foot candle within the area devoted to parking.
Lighting is to be directed downward and light shall not spill over to adjacent
property or cause a trac hazard. Illumination at property lines should be no
more than approximately .5-foot candles.
Type of fixtures should be consistent with the style of fixture already installed in
the neighborhood.
Location of signs or flags on the site.
Detail of signs/flags, including dimensions and wording.
Submission Guidelines For:
POD for Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities
POD Wireless & Telecommunication Facilities | Last Revised September 12, 2016 | CITY OF RICHMOND 7
Preliminary $3,000 + $100/acre
Extension of Preliminary Approval $1,500
Final $1,500 + $100/acre
Amendment $1,500 + $100/acre
Initial $1,500 + $100/acre
Amendment $1,000 + $100/acre
Floor area & Land disturbed 5,000 square feet $500 + $100/acre
Floor area & Land disturbed 5,001 & 50,000 square feet $1,000 + $100/acre
Floor area & Land disturbed 50,001 square feet $1,500 + $100/acre
Each continuance caused by the applicant $250
Use Initial Amendment
Day Nursery $300 $200
Single- or two-family detached or attached dwelling $300 $200
Outdoor dining $300 $200
Mobile food business $300 $200
Multi-family dwelling (3 to ten units) $1,800 $1,200
Commercial or industrial equal to or less than 5,000 sq ft $1,800 $1,200
Multi-family dwelling (more than 10 units) $2,400 $1,800
Commercial or industrial more than 5,000 sq ft $2,400 $1,800
Each continuance caused by the applicant $250
Preliminary Plat $500 + $15/lot
Extension of Preliminary Plat Approval $150
Final Plat $500 + $15/lot
Subdivision Confirmation Letter $100
Continuance* $50
Plat of Correction $100
A full refund of the application fee is permitted if the application is withdrawn prior to the second
submittal of plans. Once a second submittal of plans is made, fees are not refundable.
For Community Unit Plans (CUP), the first 10 acres are included in the base price.
For Conditional Use Permits, Plans of Development, and Rezonings, the first acre is included in the base price.
For all applications with an additional price per acre, fractions of an acre are rounded up to the nearest whole number. Do not prorate the
fee per fraction of acre.
• Example: A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a 0.76 acre property would owe $1,500 (base fee only). A CUP for a 2.3 acre
property would owe $1,700 ($1,500 base fee + 2*100 (for the 1.3 acres over the first acre))
* No charge for the 1st continuance requested by the applicant or for any continuance requested by the Planning Commission. The sec-
ond or subsequent continuance request by the applicant costs $50.
Fees went into eect upon adoption of Ordinance No. 2014-260-2015-10 by City Council on January 12, 2015.
(As of 9_12_2016) (FEE SHEDULE)
Department of Planning and Development Review
Land Use Administration Division
900 E. Broad Street, Room 511
Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 646-6304
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