Progress Payment Authorisation
Please email completed form to with the customer surname and Lender ID in the subject line.
Lender ID (Broker use only):
Loan account name/s:
Loan account number:
Loan approved amount:
Building address:
Progress payment request
This progress payment is for (please select)
Base Frame Lock-up Fixing Completion
Other ________________________________
1. Please include Insurance and Occupancy/Classification certificate. Expected hand over date / / .
Invoice / Reference number:
Progress payment due (as per building contract):
Progress payment being requested
2. Where the progress payment requested is higher than the amount advised at loan application and if NAB agrees to pay this progress payment, this may reduce funds
available for future progress payments. I agree that it is my responsibility to make up any difference from my own funds prior to submitting my final payment.
Payment method
I hereby authorise NAB to:
Credit Builder
Account name:
Financial institution: BSB: Account Number:
(Account must have a valid BSB and account number. Some institutions may not have a BSB. NAB accepts no liability for delays in processing due to invalid account
information advised.)
Issue bank cheque made payable to:
(Send cheque to NAB branch: _________________________________________________________________________________________________)
Confirmation to Pay
I’m aware:
NAB may conduct its own inspection/valuation prior to my progress payment being paid.
My contribution has to be paid in full before submitting my first progress payment.
The amount requested should represent payment for work completed and is to my satisfaction.
Invoice/s supporting the progress payment should be attached.
The plans, specifications or building contract (including contract price) given to NAB can not have been altered in a way which will increase
the construction cost or decrease final market value without the prior approval of NAB.
Important information
This form authorises NAB to make a progress payment to your builder. It is important that you don’t sign it and give it to us or your broker until you
have received all necessary invoices from your builder and you are satisfied that the work has been done in accordance with your building contract.
Signature of Borrower/s
Borrower 1 Borrower 2
Signature Signature
Date Date
/ / / /
Full name Full name
Please complete Application from in full in black or blue pen using CAPITAL LETTER and where appropriate.
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