Graduate Program Name Change
Current Program Name:
Propose Name Change to:
Complete only if applicable
Program named above is:
Option within
(degree program name)
Please attach the following required documents:
1. Rationale for Change. Provide as much detail as possible; rationale should address disciplinary
convention, recruitment and employment issues, and titles used at other institutions. For Degree
Name Changes see
Chancellor's Office requirements.
2. Evidence of Consultation. Provide evidence of consultation with faculty, students, and other
stakeholders (staff, community members, etc.)
3. Catalog copy of program.
Required Signatures:
The Department of
has reviewed and approved this name change:
Chair, Department Curriculum Committee Date
Department Chair Date
The College of
has reviewed and approved this name change:
Chair, College Curriculum Committee Date
College Dean Date
Graduate Studies has reviewed and approved this name change:
__________________________________________ ______________
Dean of Graduate Studies Date
Send completed form to Curriculum Services at zip 128; SSC 464B
Note: The department will be notified of the dates for EPPC, Academic Senate, and, if applicable, WASC and
Chancellor's Office review.